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What is a canned response?

Canned responses to frequently asked questions in fields such as technical support are an effective solution for both the customer and the technical adviser, as they offer the ability to provide a quick answer to common inquiries while requiring little human intervention. They basically are email templates that have been created to easily respond to situations that frequently arise with prospects and customers through email.

When implemented incorrectly, however, canned responses can frustrate consumers by offering insufficient replies. That's is why it's important to find an app that will help you deliver custom messages for every message you write.

How it works?

Instead of entering the same answer repeatedly or pasting from another source, in text-based technical support systems, the operator can insert a pre-built response prompted by a keyboard shortcut or via a drop-down menu.

Benefits of using canned responses

When used correctly, canned responses offer many benefits:

  • They save a lot of time writing repetitive contents, like technical support emails, sales emails, contracts, medical prescription, teachers report cards etc.
  • They help to keep a consistent tone, no matter who writes the message.
  • They reduce the chances of typos.

Can I use canned responses everywhere?

Unfortunately, not all services offer canned responses. While email clients or chats will sometimes offer such a feature, services like Slack, Linkedin, or Outlook do not necessarily offer it. In most services, canned responses are overlooked as a secondary feature, and it becomes impossible to organize, share or manage your canned responses after a while.

That's where typedesk comes in handy! typedesk is an app to design, manage and share canned responses with your team. typedesk works with every app and website, even when canned responses are not offered.

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