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Select multiple options with the Select variable

The Select variable is a great way to select one or more elements from a predefined list to fill your canned response.

In some cases, you'll want to select more than one option. Let's take an example and say you want to select between Max, Bob and Lucy.

What if one, or the three are available for a call? Use the spacebar to select one or more person.

Display in a canned response

When setting up your multi-select variable, you can select how you want typedesk to display it in your canned responses, either as a list or grouped together with a character. For instance, you can select , to display Max, Bob.

Wanna make something more natural, for instance Max, Bob and Lucy? Easy! Enter the character you want by default and the character you want before the last option selected, separated by a pipe |. It looks like this:

, | and

And this will be converted to Max, Bob and Lucy.

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