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Install and configure typedesk

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How does it work?
Permissions (macOS only)
Compatible platforms


First, download our desktop app (we recommend the desktop app but you can also get our browser extension here). Drag & drop typedesk in your Application folder on Mac, or double-click on the installer for Windows to get started.

Once installed, start typedesk and follow the instructions to setup typedesk.

How it works?

After completing the welcome tutorial, you can close typedesk, and either use one of the quick shortcuts we've created for you (for instance, %eml), or open the Quick Access using Alt+C (Windows) or Option+C (Mac).

It works in all your apps and websites!

Compatible platforms

typedesk is available for both Windows and Mac. We also have a browser extension available for Chrome, Firefox, Brave and any Chrome-based browser.

Permissions (macOS only)

typedesk needs accessibility permissions. Without those permissions, typedesk can't work properly. If you are having troubles with permissions, feel free to quit typedesk, remove typedesk from the permissions list (by clicking on the minus) and restarting typedesk.

Need more help?

Send us an email or chat with us using the button below. Our team will get back to you as quickly as possible!

Ask our community

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