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Text Snippets for you... and your team!

typedesk gives your team superpowers to work faster and send better messages to customers, prospects etc. Learn how typedesk can integrate with your tools.

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Install typedesk on your computer

Unlike other solutions, typedesk is an app that works on any computer (Windows, Mac, Linux) and with any other apps and websites (Gmail, Zendesk, Front, Facebook etc).

Once you have installed typedesk on your computer or browser, open the app and create your account.

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Create your canned responses

Our editor offers the formating options you know and love plus exclusive variables to create powerful templates.

For instance, you can create text or select variables, giving your agent customization options to build the perfect canned responses.

Use your canned responses everywhere

Finding the right canned response should be easy and quick. typedesk offers a keyboard-friendly experience and performs offline search for blazing-fast results.

Use Alt + C keyboard shortcut to quickly open typedesk and search, or the quick response shortcuts to quickly insert a specific canned response.

What’s more unprofessional than an email with another customer’s email, or [ENTER LINK HERE] in the middle of the message?

typedesk offers smart placeholders and variables that trigger questions on the fly to build dynamic canned responses without leaving anything behind!

typedesk inserts your canned response anywhere, be it your ticketing system (Zendesk, Front, Intercom), your live chat, Wordpress moderation box, Facebook or Twitter comments, AppStore, Google Docs, Word etc.

It works literally everywhere, making it the perfect tool for your workflow today... and ready for tomorrow’s challenges!

Work together to deliver consistent replies.

We know it can be challenging to speak one voice when there are several people on the front line.

typedesk makes it easier for your team to deliver messages with a consistent tone, no matter who’s writing!

Create shared folders to allow your team to create, edit and share canned responses and save time together.

Delightful features for super-productivity

Quick Responses

Use shortcuts to auto-insert canned responses (for instance, :ssgn for your signature).

Awesome search

Our search bar works indexes your canned responses and works even with typos and mistakes.


typedesk works for your whole team with apps for Windows, Mac, Chrome, Firefox, and a web-only version.

Advanced Variables

Create advanced canned responses depending on the gender, time of the day, or following your own business logic.

Team Folders

Create advanced canned responses depending on the gender, time of the day, or following your own business logic.


All the important interactions have been designed keyboard-first, so you can answer your messages without raising a finger!


typedesk works locally, meaning you don’t have to wait to get your canned responses.

Say goodbye to repetitive typing!

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