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It works where you do

typedesk adds powerful canned responses to your ticketing system, email client, social network, document editor, and anywhere you need canned responses. It just works where you do!

Do more in less time

Answer your customers faster than ever: typedesk opens up as soon as you need it and is packed with handy features for your canned emails.

One voice for everyone

Share your canned responses with your team to make sure everyone delivers a consistent message to your customers.

Smart as a whip

Automatic language detection, analytics, replace tags… it’s no magic, it’s typedesk!

Why our users love typedesk

Alex Burlingame
Customer Success Manager

We use typedesk with Intercom. typedesk is a modern solution that allows me to share our canned responses with my whole team and keep everyone on the same page.

Jac Engels
Founder of Loeihard!

typedesk speeds up repetitive tasks on my daily operations, such as sending client updates. I can focus on delivering value instead of typing the same message over and over again.

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