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typedesk is a state-of-the-art canned responses app designed to max your productivity. Your team will love how fast and easy typedesk is on all your favorite platforms and apps. Finding the perfect text template has never been easier. It takes a simple shortcut to use our powerful search engine. Your text templates can be used instantly all your favorite platforms!

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Get one of our apps for Windows, Mac, or your web browser, and create your account.

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Use our powerful yet simple editor to create advanced canned responses.


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Press Alt+C to quickly search and copy your canned responses.

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It works with all the popular text expanders

Need your text templates in TextBlaze? Check. OSlash? Yes. Magical? Sure!

typedesk makes your text templates available everywhere, without having to change anything to the way you work!

alternative to OSlash OSlash

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Text replacement software, Text snippet tool, Productivity software, Quick text tool, Automation software
Quickly search your canned responses using natural language with a keyboard shortcut
Apps for Windows, Mac, Chrome and Firefox
Search, build and use text templates without ever touching the mouse
Organize your text templates into folders
Share your text snippets with your team, easily by email
Create variations of the same text snippet
Give read-only or edit rights to your text templates to different people
Create complex canned responses with custom variables
Automatically insert your text snippets with a keyboard shortcut
Easily reuse your text snippets on Facebook, Zendesk, Twitter etc.

Our customers love their typing superpowers

I love typedesk! It is by far one of my favourite tools to have in our tech stack.

Pip Meecham left a review on

We use typedesk to ensure that communications remain aligned and uniform across all our channels as our company scales up.

Michael Johnson left a review on

This software is unreal. It's like having a ChatGPT writing assistant on every single app I use and having all the prompts I can create at my fingertips.

Michael Montefusco left a review on

This app is a phenomenal tool.

David Shutler left a review on

While our help desk does provide saved answers, I use typedesk to maintain a personal voice in my canned responses quickly and efficiently.

Melanie Shears left a review on

Love it!! I would love to see more case uses for ChatGPT integration. I saw just the video from the blog. Love the tool and have been using it for a while.

Zee Ali left a review on ProductHunt

Simple app that saves an abundance of time in canned responses across browser and Mac desktop.

Long Nguyen left a review on ProductHunt

typedesk saves me so much time! Creating a template is easy to do and these shortcuts save so much time. I'm finding new ways every week to continue optimizing my time by fine tuning my templates. The new features provide easy ways to creat...

Jason E. left a review on Capterra

Typdesk is a cross-platform tool that is highly valued by its developers and receives frequent updates. Although I sometimes encounter problems with new updates, the responsive team promptly fixes them. Overall, my experience with Typdesk h...

Natasha left a review on ProductHunt

Hi all. This product is well developed, easy to use and fast. I use Typedesk for months now. Every day it helps me to accelerate my work. I can use canned response everywhere, shortcuts for common texts and organize them by theme. You can e...

Philippe Ruaudel left a review on ProductHunt

Very interesting.. love the functionality

Bernard T left a review on ProductHunt

Use for product support where repetitive replies are not as simple as using an FAQ. Easy to paste and then edit to suit individual questions. Timesaver as well as brain saver!

J GW left a review on ProductHunt

Typedesk is an automation tool for canned responses that can help increase efficiency and productivity in customer support. With this tool, agents can create and save predefined responses for common questions, allowing them to quickly respo...

Tony Wiljanden left a review on ProductHunt

Brilliant text expander. Highly recommended for personal or team use.

Marcelo Bacchi left a review on ProductHunt

Typedesk is an amazing app, and i've been using for quite some time now! Thanks @michel_vermeulen1 for adding the OpenAI integration. Do you have any tutorials setup yet on how to actually use the integration?

Ali Khalil left a review on ProductHunt

I liked the ability of standardizing, templating routine and every important interactions. IT saves time and lesser the mistakes the more productivy. Keep up!

Divyesh Vasani left a review on ProductHunt

Started using it a few weeks ago... it's honestly a god send [can't believe it's the only solution out there of its type]... And the beauty of it is that it's reasonably priced, the team is responsive and it just works! Can't wait f...

Emmanuel Lemor left a review on ProductHunt

I have been using Typedesk for a few months, and it has saved me so much time and allowed me to send out constant messages effortlessly!

Tor Jones left a review on ProductHunt

Cyndi Dermody left a review on ProductHunt

I installed it and everything is very smooth. I like to use a competitor app but I will switch fully once a few things are added. But it's a good investment for me in the future.

Fractal left a review on appsumo

We're a professional service company and have a lot of form communications that we send to different clients. Typedesk has helped us save a significant amount of time putting together these communications.

JH left a review on appsumo

I often found it difficult to repeatedly type the same content. I told myself to create some kinds of storage for easy copy and paste, but I often gave up because of the inconvenience in working out such a storage. And TypeDesk really come...

HoangV left a review on appsumo

I use TypeDesk every day and it saves me the time and annoyance of typing repetitive text. It's seems like a small thing, saving a few seconds here, a few there, but they really do add up.

lionstail left a review on appsumo

Super excited to have the Team version of TypeDesk... now I can have my team working to support my business and help their productivity and mine!

NG left a review on appsumo

Great tool, thank you - love the structure, grouping of type of responses, easy to create ones.

ateleguz left a review on appsumo

A few reasons why our users love typedesk

typedesk is super easy to use. Creating advanced canned responses is just like editing a text document!

It has awesome keyboard shortcuts (for instance, type :ssgn to insert your signature).

Our customer support is super friendly (try us out).

It works with all your other tools without replacing them.

It works offline.

It works on Windows, Mac and in your web browser.

It’s blazing fast.

It supports variables, placeholders and translations for powerful canned responses that sound natural.