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how to create an email template in gmail

Create a template in Gmail with the #1 text expander

Wondering how to create a template in Gmail? Look no further than typedesk! Discover the easiest way to create an email template in Gmail that also works everywhere on your computer. Create and send professional emails quickly and easily, with a wide variety of customizable placeholders to choose from. Try typedesk today and streamline your email communications!

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How to create Gmail templates?

Creating and using templates in Gmail can significantly streamline your email communication, especially if you find yourself sending out similar messages frequently. Here’s how you can create and use Gmail templates.

Without typedesk

Create Gmail template using built-in template editor.

With typedesk

Use typedesk to create advanced templates that work beautifully with Gmail.


Click Compose to open a new email window. Type the email message you want to save as a template.


Click on the three dots (More options) in the bottom right corner of the compose window.


Hover over Templates, then select Save draft as template > Save as new template. Enter a name for your template and click Save.


To use your template, click on the three dots (More options) in the bottom right corner of the compose window. Hover over Templates.You'll see a list of your saved templates. Click on the one you want to use.


Press Alt+N


Compose your template with optional customizable fields. Assign a shortcut to the template and save.


To use your template, type / followed by the text shortcut you've created.

how to create an email template in gmail
typedesk + Gmail

Create and share templates in Gmail

typedesk text expander is your ultimate sidekick for creating email templates in Gmail with ease. Imagine having all your go-to responses ready to fly out with just a few keystrokes. Sounds like a dream? With typedesk, it's now possible.

Save several hours a week, and increase your productivity. With typedesk, you have a powerful tool at your fingertips, designed to transform your repetitive emails into a smooth, effortless process. Your favorite templates are now available with a single shortcut.

How it works

Get started with typedesk to create Gmail templates and start reclaiming your time today!

how to create an email template in gmail

Download typedesk text expander for Windows and Mac. It’s easy to setup and to use. Click here to download typedesk.


Create Gmail templates in typedesk. Assign a text shortcut for each template you want to use quickly.


Head over to Gmail, start a blank email and type / followed by the shortcut you have assigned. typedesk magically creates an email template for you.

how to create an email template in gmail

Use your Gmail templates outside of Gmail

Save time across all email clients and apps with typedesk. Whether you're using Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, or any other email client, typedesk empowers you to streamline your workflow and save valuable time. It works with all your apps.

Create and access text templates seamlessly with typedesk across platforms. Say goodbye to repetitive typing and hello to increased productivity in email, Zendesk, and social media.

The most powerful method to create Gmail templates

typedesk text expander makes Gmail templates more powerful with advanced placeholders and sharing capabilities.

Create Gmail templates with fill-in variables

Creating Gmail templates using typedesk text expander makes Gmail templates more powerful with advanced placeholders and sharing capabilities.

Fully integrated with Gmail

typedesk templates work beautifully with Gmail, no integration needed.

Easily share your Gmail templates

Unlike built-in Gmail templates, typedesk makes sharing email templates possible and intuitive. Share your Gmail email templates with your team to ensure consistency.

Insert your Gmail templates with a text shortcut

Unlike Gmail email templates, typedesk templates can be used with a simple text shortcut of your choice.

Take Gmail templates to a new level

See how typedesk text expander compares to Gmail email templates.


typedesk how to create an email template in gmail
how to create an email template in gmail

Create templates with fill-in placeholders

how to create an email template in gmail
how to create an email template in gmail

Share templates with other people

how to create an email template in gmail
how to create an email template in gmail

Insert email templates with a text shortcut

how to create an email template in gmail
how to create an email template in gmail

Search your email templates with keywords

how to create an email template in gmail
how to create an email template in gmail

Organize your email templates into folders

how to create an email template in gmail
how to create an email template in gmail

Use your email templates everywhere

how to create an email template in gmail
how to create an email template in gmail

Powering Gmail templates for hundreds of users

Create your Gmail templates with typedesk and save several hours a week sending out emails!

I love typedesk! It is by far one of my favourite tools to have in our tech stack.

Email Autoresponders, Text expansion app, Saved Replies, Custom shortcuts, Templated Emails

Pip Meecham

Tech Advisor & ClickUp Channel Partner

We use typedesk to ensure that communications remain aligned and uniform across all our channels as our company scales up.

Standardized Messages, Email Macros, Custom shortcuts, Text snippet tool, Email Scripts

Michael Johnson

Senior Certification Specialist, HighLevel

This software is unreal. It's like having a ChatGPT writing assistant on every single app I use and having all the prompts I can create at my fingertips.

Message Templates, Standardized Messages, Time-saving software, Custom shortcuts, Boilerplate Text

Michael Montefusco

Founder, Fitness Marketing Machine

This app is a phenomenal tool.

Text expansion software, Typing shortcuts, Templated Emails, Message Templates, Auto-correct software

David Shutler

Senior Recruitment Consultant

While our help desk does provide saved answers, I use typedesk to maintain a personal voice in my canned responses quickly and efficiently.

Melanie Shears

Finance & People Operations, Customer Billing Specialist, Helpscout

Typedesk it’s truly a timesaver when it comes to writing. Whatever task you’re on, you know you have Typedesk’s backup. I wouldn’t know what I would do without it now!

Time-saving software, Response Templates, Typing shortcuts, Quick text tool, Keyboard macros

Sean Eruppakkattu


Very flexible & convenient, very fast, active developing team with regular updates! Saving me hours of my time.

Text expansion software, Saved Replies, Email Automation, Text expansion app, Smart typing tool

Gerrit Grunert

Looking for Gmail CREMs

Exceptional. I've been using typedesk for over a year now. As an attorney I have a lot of definitions that must be added to documents, typedesk allows me to add multiparagraph text with just a few keystrokes.

Response Management, Quick Responses, Text expansion software, Copy and Paste Messages, Frequently Used Replies

Daryl Crouse

Attorney and advocate

I(we) absolutely LOVE typedesk. This is a no brainer for any solopreneur or team that have to deal with customers support, fill forms on a regular basis, or just save time in general. It also syncs up on the cloud with everyone on the team so we have brand consistency across the company and remove the guessing out of the replies that our team have to generate keeping it custom for all our clients. We write or edit it once, and the entire team is automatically up to date for their very next communication. It's 10x faster, and works like a charm across all our platforms. UI is friendly with minimal learning curve. And like that wasn't enough, they just brought chatGPT integration at no extra cost allowing us to bring the power or 'reply', 'paraphrase', 'summarize' and much more to all our activities with the press of a keystroke. No need to copy/paste from one app to another or even having to go to chatgpt itself, it brings it right there and then for us. Thank you, definitely makes our life much easier. Our team now use it for their personal tasks as well.

Patrick Charlier


Best​ app purchase of all time! Great time saver, fantastic customer service and support and the product keeps improving

Message Templates, Automation software, Keyboard macros, Productivity software, Copy and Paste Messages

Elite Performance Academy

I run a football academy in Bangkok

Awesome tool and time-saver

Response Templates, Email Macros, Custom shortcuts, Email Drafts, Automated Responses

Clay Curtin

Local gov

I was a Textexpander user, but I like Typedesk more. The user experience is better and now that they have implemented a way to use Openai is just way better than their competitors.

Phrase expansion software, Workflow automation, Email Scripts, Pre-written Responses, Email Drafts

David Peter


My entire team uses Typedesk from sales to legal to project management. It's incredibly easy to use and saves us so much time. I've actually started saving ChatGPT prompts that I like for quick access using Typedesk as well 🙌🏼

Text snippet tool, Email Autoresponders, Message Templates, Abbreviation tool, Pre-made Messages

Ronnie Sharpe


I had a couple of other tools that provided some similar functions to typedesk, but once I started to learn the additional capabilities, I dumped the others and settle on typedesk. I’ve still far from master everything that could be possible, simply down to the availability of my time, but I use it daily, I’ve been able to separate home and business uses into a clearly define set, and can call them from a single interface. Being able to return different data, in multiple ways depending on circumstance is brilliant, it simply prompts me to give it the right scenario, and it reformats to suit. I had a small issue with the Mac version on initial install, but support were responsive, helpful and resolve the issue in the next release, and gave me a temporary work around. Bugs are fine if support is there, so that was a positive experience too. I’m very happy with typedesk and look forward to expanding my use of it, and continue to share knowledge about it with friends and colleagues so they benefit too.

Frequently Used Replies, Text snippet tool, Email Autoresponders, Productivity software, Abbreviation tool

Mike Foston


The classic investment: text once + save time over and over again.

Automated Responses, Email Drafts, Response Management, Copy and Paste Messages, Text snippet tool

Urs Frei


Sometimes you need an app that just works, and for me that’s TypeDesk. Everyone knows it’s annoying when you copy and paste something and then you copy something else the first thing is erased and you get caught in copy and paste purgatory. Canned responses are really a great use for Type Desk but I use it for much more. I keep code for websites, APIs, and apps there. I keep dummy text for my designs, hashtags for my social tools, and tons of my brand messaging, taglines, copy, brand voice samples, and so much more. Just recently I added some brand messaging to an AI content writer and then I was able to add the blog outlines and copy I generated in type desk to use in email, website, and social channels. It’s really great.


Great tool, thank you - love the structure, grouping of type of responses, easy to create ones.


Overall, good tool that does what it says. Useful if you have a lot of texts that you often reuse. Not just for emails but actually for any text or words, or emojis. Tool is simple but functional, you can group your texts into folders etc. It is rather intuitive and works well.


I wasn't exactly sure what it does or how it might help me. But the basic concept sounded like something that might come in handy for someone like me who is launching his own membership platform where I'll be engaging customers through a support desk, creating tutorials and running a membership site.


This software is perfect and a time saver. I've added loads in there today and have already used it multiple time's. This is a must buy 👌👌👌


Yes Just What I Needed! this is great for the repetitive task, such a time saver , my work production has gone through the roof with this tool thank you!


I have been a longtime user of TextExpander and keyboard snippets / shortcuts from other apps. I really enjoy using apps that allow me to save time by re-typing common phrases. With the use of multiple apps, I no longer have to edit text in every app to update a phrase or snippet, I can just update Typedesk.


I used to use TextBlaze which did a great job. But their team plans start at $6.50/user/month.


We're a professional service company and have a lot of form communications that we send to different clients. Typedesk has helped us save a significant amount of time putting together these communications.


I love typedesk! There are so many times when I need to send or reply to a message but I'm in the middle of something else. Typedesk is the perfect tool for those times because it allows me to quickly create, customize and organize set responses. It's also great because I can share and edit my responses with my entire team across multiple platforms.


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Trusted by 15,000+ teams worldwide

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Frequently asked questions

Not sure how to create a template in Gmail? Follow the guide and find all your answers here.

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How to create an email template in Gmail?

To create an email template in Gmail, first, ensure that "Templates" are enabled in your Gmail settings under "Advanced." Then, compose a new email, draft your template content, and click on the three dots in the bottom-right corner of the compose window. Select "Templates" > "Save draft as template" > "Save as new template." Give your template a name, and it will be saved for future use. For a more versatile solution outside Gmail, consider using typedesk text expander as a great alternative, allowing you to create and manage templates across different platforms.

How to add template to Gmail?

Adding a template to Gmail involves creating a new template. Compose a new email, type out the content you want to save as a template, and then click on the three dots in the compose window's bottom-right corner. Choose "Templates" > "Save draft as template" > "Save as new template." Enter a name for your template, and it will be added to your list of available templates. If you're looking for a tool that works across multiple platforms, check out typedesk text expander as a great alternative.

How to share a Gmail template?

Gmail does not directly support sharing templates within its platform. To share a Gmail template, you can copy the template content into a shared document or email and send it to your colleagues. They can then save this content as a new template in their own Gmail accounts by following the process to create a new template. For a more efficient sharing and management of templates, consider using typedesk text expander as a great alternative.

How to create canned responses in Gmail?

Canned responses in Gmail are essentially email templates. To create them, first ensure that the "Templates" feature is enabled in your Gmail settings under "Advanced." Compose a new email with the content you'd like to use as a canned response. Click on the three dots in the compose window's bottom-right corner, select "Templates" > "Save draft as template" > "Save as new template," and give your canned response a name. It will now be available for future use as a canned response. For an enhanced experience in creating and using canned responses across various platforms, consider typedesk text expander as a great alternative.

How to send email template in Gmail?

To send an email template in Gmail, you can use the built-in solution provided by Gmail itself. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Open Gmail and click on "Compose" to start a new email.
  2. In the email body, write or copy-paste the content of your email template.
  3. Customize the template with the necessary recipient information, subject, and any other relevant details.
  4. Once you have finalized the template, save it as a draft by clicking on the three dots at the bottom right corner of the compose window and selecting "Save draft."
  5. Whenever you need to use the email template, open the draft, make any required changes, and send it to the desired recipient.

While Gmail's built-in solution is a good starting point, if you're looking for a more advanced and efficient option, I recommend trying typedesk's Gmail template builder. With typedesk, you can create and manage professional email templates effortlessly. It provides a user-friendly interface where you can design visually appealing templates using HTML. With features like customization, easy access, and streamlined communication, typedesk offers a superior alternative for creating and sending email templates in Gmail.

Where are templates in Gmail?

When it comes to Gmail email templates, you can easily find them within Gmail itself. Gmail provides a built-in solution for creating and accessing email templates. Simply open Gmail, click on the "Compose" button, and then click the three dots at the bottom right corner of the compose window. From there, select "Templates" and choose "Save draft as template" to create your own reusable templates.

However, if you're looking for a more robust and efficient solution, typedesk's Gmail template builder is a great alternative. With typedesk, you can create personalized and dynamic email templates right within Gmail, allowing you to save time and ensure consistency in your communications. typedesk offers a user-friendly interface and a wide range of features to enhance your email template creation process. Give it a try and experience the convenience of typedesk's powerful Gmail template builder.

Can you create an email template in Gmail?

Absolutely! Gmail provides a built-in solution to create email templates. You can easily craft your own templates using Gmail's formatting options and save them for future use. However, if you're looking for a more advanced and user-friendly option, typedesk is an excellent alternative. With typedesk's intuitive Gmail template builder, you can design custom HTML templates effortlessly, ensuring professional and visually appealing emails. It offers a range of features to enhance your email communication, saving you time and effort. Give typedesk a try and elevate your Gmail email template experience to the next level!

Where are Gmail templates stored?

In Gmail, email templates are stored within your account and cannot be easily shared. However, typedesk offers a superior solution as a Gmail template builder. With typedesk, you can create and share HTML email templates effortlessly. It provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to design and customize templates, ensuring consistent and professional communication. Say goodbye to the limitations of Gmail's built-in solution and hello to typedesk's seamless and collaborative approach for creating and sharing Gmail email templates.

What is an email template?

An email template is a piece of reusable content used in Gmail to compose messages quickly and consistently. It allows you to save time by not having to recreate the same content repeatedly. While Gmail offers a built-in solution for creating email templates, a better alternative is typedesk. With typedesk, you can access a user-friendly Gmail template builder that simplifies the process of designing and customizing your email templates. This powerful tool helps you create visually appealing and professional-looking templates in HTML format. Say goodbye to repetitive typing and hello to efficient and stylish emails with typedesk's Gmail template builder.

Can Gmail templates include attachments?

Gmail's built-in email template feature allows you to create reusable templates for your messages. However, it doesn't provide an option to include attachments directly within the template. If you're looking for a more versatile solution, typedesk's Gmail template builder offers a better alternative. With typedesk, you can create HTML-based email templates that support links to attachements, allowing you to easily include files and documents in your email drafts. Upgrade your email template experience with typedesk and enhance your communication in Gmail.

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Automatically fill out Gmail subject and email

In this article, we will be discussing how to quickly fill forms using typedesk's Form Filler. To demonstrate, we will be using a Gmail email as an example. By using the shortcut /call, in our example, typedesk can automatically fill in both the subject and body of the email. This can be accomplished by utilizing a template, which consists of three parts: the subject, the body, and a special variable known as Tab Key. The Tab Key variable enables you to move seamlessly between different sections of the form / email. This can be particularly useful when filling out multiple input fields simultaneously. However, it is important to note that you must first click on the desired input field before using the Tab Key variable for it to work properly. By following these steps, typedesk can save users time and streamline the form filling process.

How to create a Gmail Canned Response?

Canned responses are a great way to be more efficient at writing emails to customers, prospects, clients etc. Gmail offers a simple canned response feature that gets the job done. Here's how to create a canned response in Gmail. How to create a canned response in Gmail Open Gmail and click on the Compose email button. At the bottom right of the compose window, select the three dots to open the menu, and select "Templates". Select "Save draft as a template", and "Save as new template", or select an existing template if you want to replace one of your templates. create canned responses in gmail Current limitations of canned responses in Gmail Although this feature are a great way to get started with a few templates, you'll hit the limits of Gmail's current limitations quite quickly: There's no way to properly sort and organize your canned responses. You can't share your canned responses with someone else. Your canned responses are set in stone, meaning you can't customize it with placeholders and variables. You can't preview the contents of the canned responses before you insert them.

How to Add a Signature to Gmail: A Step-by-Step Guide

Email signatures have become an essential part of professional communication. They not only provide your contacts with vital information but also reflect your professionalism and brand identity. Gmail, being one of the most widely used email platforms, offers a straightforward process for adding a signature to your emails. This guide will walk you through the steps of setting up your email signature in Gmail, ensuring your emails leave a lasting impression. Step 1: Access Gmail Settings First, log in to your Gmail account and locate the gear icon in the upper right corner of your screen, which represents the “Settings” menu. Click on this icon, and from the dropdown menu that appears, select “See all settings.” This action will take you to the Gmail settings page, where you can customize various aspects of your email account. Step 2: Navigate to the Signature Settings Once you're in the Gmail settings page, you'll find several tabs at the top. Click on the “General” tab if it's not already selected by default. Then, scroll down until you find the “Signature” section. Here, you'll see an option to create a new signature or edit an existing one. Click on “Create new” to start crafting your signature. Step 3: Create Your Signature After clicking “Create new,” a dialog box will prompt you to name your signature. This name is just for your reference, especially useful if you plan to have multiple signatures for different purposes. After naming your signature, click “Create.” You'll then be presented with a text box where you can type in your desired signature content. This is where you can get creative! Typically, a professional email signature might include your full name, job title, company name (with or without the company logo), contact information (phone number, email address), and any social media links or websites you wish to share.