Harness the power of canned responses for Social Media Managers and Agencies

Quickly create content, moderate and reply to comments and messages on Social Networks you use every day: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, AppStore etc.

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Send better and quicker replies

Whether you need to better manage your claims, send consistent follow-ups or quickly reply to incoming requests, typedesk makes your team more efficient at writing personalized emails with dynamic placeholders.

You'll never forget important mentions or leave generic placeholders again. It works everywhere you do: Microsoft Outlook, Word, Gmail, your CRM, any Web Browser etc.

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Collaborate with your team to provide better answers

Ensure consistency when dealing with requests and claims, and improve the experience delivered to your customers and leads. Quickly share and sync your templates with everyone on your team thanks to Team Folders.

Abbreviation tool, Text snippet tool, Response Templates, Frequently Used Replies, Pre-written Responses

Awesome features to supercharge your customer support


Reach maximum productivity thanks to first-class keyboard support to find all your canned responses without using the mouse.


Keep working even when youโ€™re offline or on the go. typedesk works great with or without connectivity.


Easily access your canned responses on any computer. Your responses are constantly backed up and in sync.

Advanced Variables

Create custom responses on the fly with select boxes, text input and much to build unique responses every time you use them.

Quick Response Shortcuts

The fastest way to your canned response. For instance, type /ssg and insert your whole signature, magically.


Keep your whole team in sync when someone updates a shared canned response.

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I love typedesk! It is by far one of my favourite tools to have in our tech stack.

Pip Meecham left a review on

We use typedesk to ensure that communications remain aligned and uniform across all our channels as our company scales up.

Michael Johnson left a review on

This software is unreal. It's like having a ChatGPT writing assistant on every single app I use and having all the prompts I can create at my fingertips.

Michael Montefusco left a review on

This app is a phenomenal tool.

David Shutler left a review on

While our help desk does provide saved answers, I use typedesk to maintain a personal voice in my canned responses quickly and efficiently.

Melanie Shears left a review on

I have been using Text Expander for more than 6 years, but I have decided to move to typdesk because it has a better pricing for my company with more or less the same features, and they even keep adding more functionalities.

Antonio Cรกrdenas left a review on AlternativeTo

A great productivity boost for me.

Upendra Singh Rathore left a review on ProductHunt

I(we) absolutely LOVE typedesk. This is a no brainer for any solopreneur or team that have to deal with customers support, fill forms on a regular basis, or just save time in general. It also syncs up on the cloud with everyone on the team...

Patrick Charlier left a review on ProductHunt

Excellent product! Switched over from T*xtExpand*r and TypeDesk is soooooo much better. I highly recommend to anyone considering purchase. Congrats on the launch and keep up the good work!

C J left a review on ProductHunt

This app is a totally time-saver. So amazing when it comes to typing reports and email messages when I want to save time.

Dr. Gwen Smith left a review on ProductHunt

I was a Textexpander user, but I like Typedesk more. The user experience is better and now that they have implemented a way to use Openai is just way better than their competitors.

David Peter left a review on ProductHunt

Have been using typedesk for a year, it saves so much time to not write the same again and again (names, emails, greeting formulas). And I have been beta testing the ChatGPT integration,it works as promised. Apart from not having to...

Torsten P. left a review on ProductHunt

My entire team uses Typedesk from sales to legal to project management. It's incredibly easy to use and saves us so much time. I've actually started saving ChatGPT prompts that I like for quick access using Typedesk as well ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ

Ronnie Sharpe left a review on ProductHunt

Typesk is absolutely brilliant! It's one of the products/services i use more on my day to day, and it makes my work a lot easier. Definitely recommend people check it out (plus the new GTP feature looks very promising)

David Suescun left a review on ProductHunt

I had a couple of other tools that provided some similar functions to typedesk, but once I started to learn the additional capabilities, I dumped the others and settle on typedesk. Iโ€™ve still far from master everything that could be possibl...

Mike Foston left a review on ProductHunt

absolutely love TypeDesk for what it offers, and not only the product, but the customer service.

Paul Burns left a review on ProductHunt

Congrats @michel_vermeulen1 on the new launch. Typedesk has hit the floor running, adding great value and features from the start. It has come a long way with each new update. Michel has always provided great support and eager to build on c...

Hak left a review on ProductHunt

Oh mighty God, I pray for blessings upon Typedesk launching on Product Hunt today. This tool is of immense value to our team and we use it on a daily basis to streamline our work. I pray that it is well-received by the community and that it...

Frank Sellingsloh left a review on ProductHunt

I liked the ability of standardizing, templating routine and every important interactions. IT saves time and lesser the mistakes the more productivy. Keep up!

Divyesh Vasani left a review on ProductHunt

Teddy Mazereeuw left a review on ProductHunt

I love typedesk! There are so many times when I need to send or reply to a message but I'm in the middle of something else. Typedesk is the perfect tool for those times because it allows me to quickly create, customize and organize set resp...

Sumo-ling left a review on appsumo

This software is perfect and a time saver. I've added loads in there today and have already used it multiple time's. This is a must buy ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ

darren07 left a review on AppSumo

Anyone that values their time should use a text expander solution.

Sumo-ling left a review on appsumo

Yes Just What I Needed! this is great for the repetitive task, such a time saver , my work production has gone through the roof with this tool thank you!

Sumo-ling left a review on AppSumo

Canned responses have been a fantastic way to save time during my onboarding process with clients along with the weekly/monthly reporting emails. Unfortunately, things got a little messy when testing out different CRMs, integrating emails,...

JohnG23 left a review on AppSumo

Get typedesk for your insurances services company

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