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Supercharge your canned responses

Discover why our users love managing their canned responses with typedesk!

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canned responses text snippets

Quick Responses, your new typing superpower!

Use quick shortcuts to quickly insert your canned responses (for instance, :ssgn for your signature). This is the fastest way to your canned response, everywhere you work.

This is super handy for all the text snippets you use everyday, like greetings, links, signatures etc.

canned responses text snippets

Powerful Variables to customize each message you send.

Create advanced canned responses thanks to variables. For instance, personalize your greetings depending on the time of the day, or create a custom placeholder for a product or order reference.

Possibilities are endless to create dynamic snippets that sound natural and are super-easy to fill in.

canned responses text snippets


typedesk is available everywhere you work, thanks to our native apps for Windows and Mac, browser extensions and web apps that work in all major browsers.

It make it super easy to onboard your whole team, since everyone can join and share folders and responses.

canned responses text snippets
canned responses text snippets

Share your superpowers with your team.

With advanced sharing options, you can easily invite your team and get everyone to use the same canned responses you have perfected over time!

Even better, when someone makes changes, your whole team is notified and everyone is on the same page!

canned responses text snippets

Google-like search

typedesk offers a blazing-fast search bar that makes it super easy to find canned responses, whether you've been using it for months or you're brand new.

It searches through your titles and contents, and even filters out typos and missing letters!

Ditch repetitive typing today!

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