It works everywhere you do

No integration needed, typedesk works out of the box with the apps and websites you already use.

Runs natively on Mac and Windows

Our blazing fast apps integrate natively with your computer to have your templates ready at any time.


For peak productivity, typedesk is all about speed and efficiency. From searching to filling in templates, everything is super-fast!

Copy and Paste Messages, Frequently Used Replies, Mac text expansion, Smart typing tool, Email Macros



Save time thanks to our keyboard-friendly interface.

Quick Access

The easiest way to search, preview and build your templates.

Open AI integration

Easily create, share and use ChatGPT prompts everywhere you work.

Form filler

Quickly fill out forms thanks to our form automation actions.

Powerful search

Quickly search through hundreds of canned responses by keyword!


Easily insert any template with shortcuts you can customize for each template! For instance, /addr can be you company's address everywhere you need it.


Organize your responses and define specific sharing settings for each folder in your account!


Create several versions of the same template, for instance with a different tone, translation, or anything you'd like!

Windows text expansion, Standardized Messages, Templated Emails, Text expansion program, Automated Responses


Shared folders

Share your responses easily with your coworkers & collaborate on your templates from within typedesk.

Activity feed

Don't skip a beat thanks to the Activity feed. Anytime some changes a template, the rest of the team gets a notification.

Advanced permission control

Assign custom permissions for each user and each folder to keep a tight control on who's able to edit and use templates.

Standardized Messages, Custom shortcuts, Text snippet tool, Mac text expansion, Message Templates


Free text input

Easily add free text to any template, for instance, a name, product reference, issue description etc.


Select between 2 or more elements to be added to your template.

Gender conditional

Show specific content based on the gender of the message recipient.

Time-of-the-day conditional

Easily show different text depending on the time of the day.

Random value / spin text

A great way to sound natural: add random values to make each email looks different.


Easily create estimates and perform calculations within your templates.

Formatted Responses, Auto-correct software, Templated Emails, Copy and Paste Messages, Typing shortcuts


Dark mode

Looks good whatever your OS theme is!


We never log or send your keystrokes to our servers. Unlike most text expanders, you decide when typedesk listens to your keystrokes!

Powered by ChatGPT

Quickly improve any text, translate, summarize, and or create your own prompt template to get instant results! ChatGPT API is built in typedesk, meaning the possibilities are endless!