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Quick Response Shortcuts

The fastest way to use your canned response. For instance, insert your whole email signature, magically by typing a 3 or 4-letter shortcut.

Best part? It works everywhere you do (Gmail, Slack, Outlook, Microsoft Office etc.)!

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Advanced Variables

Create custom responses on the fly with select boxes, text input and much to build unique responses every time you use them.



typedesk works with your current apps and websites, so you can keep your habits and the productive apps and websites you love and use every day.

Google-Like Search

Finding canned responses takes a few keystrokes. typedesk searches across the contents of your canned responses to easily find the one you need.


No load time, typedesk is always available with a simple keystroke. Search is performed locally so you don’t depend on network speed.


Reach maximum productivity thanks to first-class keyboard support to find all your canned responses without using the mouse.


Keep working even when you’re offline or on the go. typedesk works great with or without connectivity.


Easily access your canned responses on any computer. Your responses are constantly backed up and in sync.


Organize your canned responses into color-coded folders to easily share and organize them.

Variants & Translations

Easily create several versions of the same response, for instance translations, or variations of the same message.


Keep your whole team in sync when someone updates a shared canned response.



Keep your message aligned and skyrocket your productivity by sharing your canned responses with your team.


Keep your whole team in sync when someone updates a shared canned response.

Team Folders

Let anyone in your team update your set of responses and share new ones thanks to Team Folders.

Private Notes

Give context and instructions on when to use this canned response to the rest of your team.


Variables are the best way to ensure all the placeholders are filled in the response is customised for each reply.

Text Input

Enter text to replace a placeholder when using your canned response.

Select Input

Add several options to choose from for a given variable.


Display dates in different formats with an optional offset from today (for instance, "next Friday").


Insert the contents of your clipboard inside the canned response.

Gender Conditional

Insert different sentences based on the gender of the recipient.

AM/PM Conditional

Have personalized greetings depending on the time of the day.



Unlike all other text expanders, typedesk does not record your keyboard unless requested making it the best-in-class for privacy.

Rich Formatting

Quickly and easily create rich canned responses with images, GIF, links, and formatting like colors, fonts etc.

Dark Mode

Looking gorgeous along your other apps! Enjoy typedesk's full support for dark mode, automatic or manual.

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