Save time writing prescriptions & medical notes with complete privacy.

Create quick shortcuts for the most common sentences like symptoms, prescriptions, notes, with advanced variables to customize them easily. Your medical documentation is now quick and painless.

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canned responses text snippets Doctors & Health Professionals

It works with your existing softwares

No matter what you are using, typedesk works seamlessly and you don't have to change the way YOU work. Whether you are using text editors, email clients, professional softwares or note taking apps, setup typedesk on your office's computer and get started in a minute!
canned responses text snippets Doctors & Health Professionals

Share your templates easily

Working with other doctors in your office? Share your templates so you can create them only once! Team Folders are a great way to store, collaborate and manage your text snippets together.

Powerful features for Doctors & Health Professionals

typedesk is making your everyday tasks much faster and easier!

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Your data is safe

Your privacy is at the heart of our concerns and we never log or transfer your keystrokes. Your data is encrypted with LUKS and SSL.

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Works on all computers

typedesk works for everyone on your team thanks to our apps for all the major browsers and operating systems.

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Lightning fast

Personalizing and inserting your responses literally takes a few keystrokes to reply at the speed of light!

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Awesome keyboard shortcuts

Every feature in typedesk is designed to be fully usable without leaving your keyboard for maximum productivity.

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Perfect for teams

Keep everyone on the same page with team folders, notifications and built-in sharing capabilities.

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Searching is a breeze

Search by keyword or folder name to find the exact response you need, without leaving your current page or app.

Start writing medical notes faster with typedesk!

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