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Frequently asked questions

Need more info about typedesk text expander? Visit our learning centre to become a template master!

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I have a coupon. Where can I redeem it?

If you have received a coupon, please head to to get your discount.

Do you offer a free plan?

Yes, we offer a free plan for personal use only and with up to 10 canned responses.

Do you offer discounts for non-profits?

Yes, we offer specific pricing for non-profits, teachers and the education sector. Contact us to learn more.

Does it work with everything?

Yes, it does! Unlike your usual plugins, typedesk is on your computer and works everywhere: your inbox, CRM, backoffice, Word document etc.

Can I try it first?

Of course! When you sign up, your account is automatically upgraded to our 5-seat plan. If you need more seats, or more time to try out typedesk, feel free to reach out and we'll be happy to help!

Can I use my account on several devices?

Yes, you can be logged in to all the apps at the same time (for instance, you can run the Mac and extension simultaneously), but you may not share your account with other users.

Can I import my previous contents?

Although typedesk offers powerful features that were probably not available in your previous tool, we can import your previous canned responses text so you can edit them in typedesk. Feel free to contact us by email.

What's your refund policy?

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked. Passed that period, we can't offer refunds but you can cancel your subscription anytime.

Do you offer discounts for larger accounts?

Yes, starting at 15 users, we offer volume discounts. Need a lot of seats? Feel free to contact us to discuss our enterprise plans.

I love typedesk! It is by far one of my favourite tools to have in our tech stack.

Text expansion program, Response Management, Email Macros, Quick text tool, Formatted Responses

Pip Meecham

Tech Advisor & ClickUp Channel Partner

We use typedesk to ensure that communications remain aligned and uniform across all our channels as our company scales up.

Text expansion software, Typing shortcuts, Email Automation, Pre-made Messages, Abbreviation tool

Michael Johnson

Senior Certification Specialist, HighLevel

This software is unreal. It's like having a ChatGPT writing assistant on every single app I use and having all the prompts I can create at my fingertips.

Text expansion software, Workflow automation, Auto-correct software, Automation software, Standardized Messages

Michael Montefusco

Founder, Fitness Marketing Machine

This app is a phenomenal tool.

Mac text expansion, Response Management, Copy and Paste Messages, Phrase expansion software, Standardized Messages

David Shutler

Senior Recruitment Consultant

While our help desk does provide saved answers, I use typedesk to maintain a personal voice in my canned responses quickly and efficiently.

Melanie Shears

Finance & People Operations, Customer Billing Specialist, Helpscout

Typedesk is awesome. I've saved so much time in my financial planning business. I use canned responses for marketing, regular emails for clients, regular phrases, and plan to add more for my advice documents. I can only imagine how good it's going to be with an OpenAI integration.

Automation software, Custom shortcuts, Text expansion software, Email Autoresponders, Productivity software

Grant Millar

I'm a financial adviser who loves tech.

I have been using Text Expander for more than 6 years, but I have decided to move to typdesk because it has a better pricing for my company with more or less the same features, and they even keep adding more functionalities.

Response Library, Quick text tool, Custom shortcuts, Text expansion program, Email Drafts

Antonio Cárdenas


Very flexible & convenient, very fast, active developing team with regular updates! Saving me hours of my time.

Quick Responses, Email Autoresponders, Custom shortcuts, Text expansion program, Phrase expansion software

Gerrit Grunert

Looking for Gmail CREMs

Amazing time saver! Things that used to take several minutes now take several seconds. It reduces time, fatigue, and prevents errors. Michel is awesome at updating and maintaining the program. Highly recommended!

Response Templates, Email Automation, Text expansion program, Smart typing tool, Copy and Paste Messages

Ben Delville

Work in IT, prefer outdoors.

Typedesk is one of my favourite tools and saves me literally 2+ hours a day, I use it every 5 mins or so. Highly recommended!

Quick text tool, Email Automation, Quick Responses, Productivity software, Formatted Responses

Shane Harris (Patch)


Simply the best time saving app, easy to use and implement and very lightweight

Templated Emails, Productivity enhancement tool, Response Library, Response Management, Email Automation

Jamie Forster


Typesk is absolutely brilliant! It's one of the products/services i use more on my day to day, and it makes my work a lot easier. Definitely recommend people check it out (plus the new GTP feature looks very promising)

Response Library, Phrase expansion software, Windows text expansion, Text expansion app, Mac text expansion

David Suescun

Hi! My name is David Suescun

I had a couple of other tools that provided some similar functions to typedesk, but once I started to learn the additional capabilities, I dumped the others and settle on typedesk. I’ve still far from master everything that could be possible, simply down to the availability of my time, but I use it daily, I’ve been able to separate home and business uses into a clearly define set, and can call them from a single interface. Being able to return different data, in multiple ways depending on circumstance is brilliant, it simply prompts me to give it the right scenario, and it reformats to suit. I had a small issue with the Mac version on initial install, but support were responsive, helpful and resolve the issue in the next release, and gave me a temporary work around. Bugs are fine if support is there, so that was a positive experience too. I’m very happy with typedesk and look forward to expanding my use of it, and continue to share knowledge about it with friends and colleagues so they benefit too.

Pre-made Messages, Pre-written Responses, Copy and Paste Messages, Quick text tool, Email Autoresponders

Mike Foston


Oh mighty God, I pray for blessings upon Typedesk launching on Product Hunt today. This tool is of immense value to our team and we use it on a daily basis to streamline our work. I pray that it is well-received by the community and that it will be just as useful to others as it is to us. Please bless the developer and all those involved in bringing this great product to market. Amen.

Email Drafts, Automated Responses, Auto-correct software, Text expansion software, Templated Emails

Frank Sellingsloh


Started using it a few weeks ago... it's honestly a god send [can't believe it's the only solution out there of its type]... And the beauty of it is that it's reasonably priced, the team is responsive and it just works! Can't wait for the future of TypeDesk!

Email Macros, Templated Emails, Windows text expansion, Text snippet tool, Auto-correct software

Emmanuel Lemor


Response Templates, Auto-correct software, Message Templates, Quick Responses, Formatted Responses

Cyndi Dermody


Great tool, thank you - love the structure, grouping of type of responses, easy to create ones.


Canned responses have been a fantastic way to save time during my onboarding process with clients along with the weekly/monthly reporting emails. Unfortunately, things got a little messy when testing out different CRMs, integrating emails, and dealing with the CRMs' built-in email templates PLUS my Gmail templates. With typedesk, this problem is solved!


I am a past user of textexpander. What I can already say is that I am surprised that I can do even more with this product than with textexpander. I can store different language versions. Snippets and small programs for batch automation.... I think it is exactly the right program for me!


This software is perfect and a time saver. I've added loads in there today and have already used it multiple time's. This is a must buy 👌👌👌


We are a niche service industry and we get a bunch of leads and let me just say that takes up a lot of time when we could be using canned responses like a pro with typedesk. The idea is to free up time in responding so we all could use help with that I imagine. It pays for itself.


Yes Just What I Needed! this is great for the repetitive task, such a time saver , my work production has gone through the roof with this tool thank you!


I had been looking for something exactly like this for a while because others I've tried have disappointed me. I was beginning to think I would never find it.


Typedesk is perfect for when you need to get responses out quickly and don't want to have a messy doc open in another window. You can organize all your canned responses easily and retrieve them quickly! Try it out, you'll love it!


One of the best purchases on Appsumo!


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