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how to create email templates in outlook

Create email templates in Outlook with the #1 text expander

Curious about how to craft an email template in Outlook? typedesk is here to guide you! Uncover the most straightforward method to develop Outlook email templates that seamlessly integrate across your desktop applications. Effortlessly compose and dispatch polished emails in no time, selecting from an extensive array of adaptable placeholders. Embrace the efficiency of typedesk for your Outlook correspondence and elevate your email game!

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How to create email templates in Outlook?

Outlook email templates, also called Quick Parts, are the fasttrack to sending common replies and emails. Learn where to find Quick Parts in Outlook and how to optimize and share Outlook email templates.

Without typedesk

Use Outlook Quick Parts to create email templates

With typedesk

Use typedesk to create advanced templates that work beautifully with Gmail.


Open a new email in Outlook and type the text for your Quick Part.


Select the text you want to save and go to the 'Insert' tab.


Click 'Quick Parts' and then 'Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery'.


Give your Quick Part a name, add a description if desired, and click 'OK'.


To use it, click 'Quick Parts' in a new email and select your saved text.


Press Alt+N


Compose your template with optional customizable fields. Assign a shortcut to the template and save.


To use your template, type / followed by the text shortcut you've created.

how to create email templates in outlook
typedesk + Outlook

Create Outlook templates easily

If you’re looking for a powerful text expander to help you create email templates in Outlook with ease, you’ve come to the right place. With typedesk text expander, you’ll be able to have all your favorite answers ready to go in just a few clicks.

Ready to reclaim 7 hours a week? With typedesk, you’ll save a few hours a week and boost your productivity. Your favorite templates are ready to go with just a single click.

How it works

typedesk works out of the box with Outlook. Create Outlook email templates using typedesk, and share your templates with your team within minutes.

how to create email templates in outlook

Download typedesk text expander for Windows and Mac. It’s easy to setup and to use. Click here to download typedesk.


Create Quick Parts in typedesk app. Assign a text shortcut for each template you want to use quickly.


Open Outlook, create an new email and enter '/' along with your designated shortcut. Like magic, typedesk will generate your email template instantly.

how to create email templates in outlook

Your Outlook templates are available everywhere you work

With typedesk, you can save time across all your email clients and applications. Whether you use Gmail, Outlook or Apple Mail, you can use typedesk to make your workflow more efficient and save you valuable time.

typedesk works with all of your apps, so you can easily create text templates and access them across all platforms. Say Goodbye to Repetitive Typing and Hello to Increased Productivity Create and Access Text Templates with typedesk.

Your Outlook Quick Parts, with superpowers!

typedesk text expander boosts the effectiveness of your Outlook templates, offering smart placeholders and easy sharing options.

Quickly and easily customize your Outlook templates

Using typedesk text expander to craft your Outlook templates adds a layer of sophistication with its dynamic placeholders and straightforward sharing features.

It works out of the box with Outlook

typedesk templates work beautifully with Outlook, no integration needed.

Easily share your Outlook templates

typedesk lets you effortlessly share your Outlook email templates with your team for uniformity, setting it apart from the default Outlook template options.

Your Outlook email templates available with a text shortcut

With typedesk, you can activate your templates in Outlook using a simple text shortcut that you pick yourself, unlike the more limited Outlook email templates.

Take Outlook templates to a new level

The most versatile solution to create and manage Outlook templates


typedesk how to create email templates in outlook
how to create email templates in outlook

Create templates with fill-in placeholders

how to create email templates in outlook
how to create email templates in outlook

Share templates with other people

how to create email templates in outlook
how to create email templates in outlook

Insert email templates with a text shortcut

how to create email templates in outlook
how to create email templates in outlook

Search your email templates with keywords

how to create email templates in outlook
how to create email templates in outlook

Organize your email templates into folders

how to create email templates in outlook
how to create email templates in outlook

Use your email templates everywhere

how to create email templates in outlook
how to create email templates in outlook

The Outlook Quick Parts alternative loved by hundreds of users

Manage your Outlook templates with typedesk and save several hours a week sending out emails!

I love typedesk! It is by far one of my favourite tools to have in our tech stack.

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Pip Meecham

Tech Advisor & ClickUp Channel Partner

We use typedesk to ensure that communications remain aligned and uniform across all our channels as our company scales up.

Workflow automation, Automation software, Smart typing tool, Standardized Messages, Boilerplate Text

Michael Johnson

Senior Certification Specialist, HighLevel

This software is unreal. It's like having a ChatGPT writing assistant on every single app I use and having all the prompts I can create at my fingertips.

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Michael Montefusco

Founder, Fitness Marketing Machine

This app is a phenomenal tool.

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David Shutler

Senior Recruitment Consultant

While our help desk does provide saved answers, I use typedesk to maintain a personal voice in my canned responses quickly and efficiently.

Melanie Shears

Finance & People Operations, Customer Billing Specialist, Helpscout

Typdesk is a cross-platform tool that is highly valued by its developers and receives frequent updates. Although I sometimes encounter problems with new updates, the responsive team promptly fixes them. Overall, my experience with Typdesk has been excellent.

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HR Manager interested in upscaling orgs

Super easy to use with a clean interface. Useful tool.

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Raul Estrela

Founder Tecla Digital on 2001.

Hi all. This product is well developed, easy to use and fast. I use Typedesk for months now. Every day it helps me to accelerate my work. I can use canned response everywhere, shortcuts for common texts and organize them by theme. You can elaborate longer text models with variables. With ChatGPT integrated, it will become faster than ever. A must have tool. Bravo et mille fois merci !! @michel_vermeulen1

Automation software, Abbreviation tool, Phrase expansion software, Saved Replies, Keyboard macros

Philippe Ruaudel

A French SciFi writer A DBA Oracle

A useful cross-platform tool that gets much love and attention from its developers and regular updates. From time to time, I run into issues with new updates, but these are quickly fixed by their responsive team and my overall my experience with Typdesk has been amazing.

Response Templates, Text expansion app, Boilerplate Text, Text expansion program, Email Scripts

Panther Productions

Founder Freelance FOSS web agency

Awesome tool and time-saver

Quick text tool, Smart typing tool, Text expansion app, Mac text expansion, Quick Responses

Clay Curtin

Local gov

Have been using typedesk for a year, it saves so much time to not write the same again and again (names, emails, greeting formulas). And I have been beta testing the ChatGPT integration,it works as promised. Apart from not having to use the openai interface, I just change the keyword and don't have to retype or copy paste the basic prompt. And Michel always responsive.

Email Autoresponders, Windows text expansion, Quick text tool, Automation software, Response Templates

Torsten P.

CEO automation.re - find embedded iPaaS

Typedesk allready was really usefull as my textexpander. But when I started using ChatGPT and other AI tools I quickly starting using Typedesk as my prompt repository too. If you are into prompting you'll notice that there is a lot of reoccuring phrases. Like "Imagine you are a SEO specialist" and "Write using Hemmingway rules". Exactly those elements you can store in Typedesk and use easily to construct your 'perfect' prompt. And you can use it in ChatGPT but also in all other AI tools. For me Typedesk is the 'perfect' prompt repository.

Copy and Paste Messages, Keyboard macros, Text snippet tool, Phrase expansion software, Boilerplate Text

Asing Ku


Typedesk is an automation tool for canned responses that can help increase efficiency and productivity in customer support. With this tool, agents can create and save predefined responses for common questions, allowing them to quickly respond to customers without having to type the same response over and over again. Typedesk is especially useful for those who work in customer support or similar roles where they receive many similar questions. Users can organize their responses into categories for easy searching and retrieval, and they can also customize their responses with replacement fields to tailor them to each specific case.

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Tony Wiljanden


Brilliant text expander. Highly recommended for personal or team use.

Boilerplate Text, Quick Responses, Standardized Messages, Typing shortcuts, Text snippet tool

Marcelo Bacchi


I liked the ability of standardizing, templating routine and every important interactions. IT saves time and lesser the mistakes the more productivy. Keep up!

Response Library, Quick text tool, Mac text expansion, Frequently Used Replies, Email Automation

Divyesh Vasani

podcaster about founder stories

I have been using Typedesk for a few months, and it has saved me so much time and allowed me to send out constant messages effortlessly!

Email Autoresponders, Standardized Messages, Text expansion app, Email Scripts, Time-saving software

Tor Jones

Backpack is filled with colored pencils.

Windows text expansion, Text expansion software, Email Autoresponders, Text expansion app, Pre-made Messages

Cyndi Dermody


I am very impressed with how the team handled my 3 star review. They reached out directly to Malwarebytes, got them the info to get the product white listed, and then followed up with me. This is a much needed product, if you type the same thing multiple times. Don't let this get away from you. It's a great product with 5 star service.


Typedesk is a great way to automate your email responses.


After trying others, looking at how they worked (or didn't), and looking at their features and prices I realized, this is one sweet deal. Its clean, simple and does its job. Support is quick to reply. Thank you.


I am a past user of textexpander. What I can already say is that I am surprised that I can do even more with this product than with textexpander. I can store different language versions. Snippets and small programs for batch automation.... I think it is exactly the right program for me!


I love typedesk! There are so many times when I need to send or reply to a message but I'm in the middle of something else. Typedesk is the perfect tool for those times because it allows me to quickly create, customize and organize set responses. It's also great because I can share and edit my responses with my entire team across multiple platforms.


I use TextBlaze and I was looking for an alternative. typedesk is the perfect solution for me. The interface is clean and modern. It is easy to use and it works :) I am very happy with my purchase. Thank you guys from AS and typedesk for bringing this amazing deal to us!


We're loving typedesk! It's easy to use, and saves us tons of time when it comes to sending emails to our customers. The variables work well, although we wish we could have alternate email addresses assigned to each user and be able to use them in variables.


Typedesk ist ein prima Tool. Das Beste ist, dass man "Canned Responses" mit "Variablen" festlegen kann. Dies kann gerade im Support eine Menge Zeit sparen.


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Trusted by 15,000+ teams worldwide

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Frequently asked questions

Learn how to create a template in Outlook. Follow the guide and find all your answers here.

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Can you create a shortcut for email template in Outlook?

While Outlook allows the creation of shortcuts for email templates using Quick Steps, typedesk provides an even more efficient solution. With typedesk, you can create shortcuts for your email templates that are accessible across various platforms, not just Outlook, making it a versatile alternative for managing your email communications.

How do I quickly add a template in Outlook?

To quickly add a template in Outlook, you could use the built-in My Templates add-in. However, for a more robust and user-friendly experience, consider using typedesk. typedesk offers a wider range of features and the ability to quickly insert sophisticated templates with variables and placeholders, streamlining your email process even further.

What is the fastest way to access email templates in Outlook?

Outlook users might pin the My Templates add-in for fast access, but typedesk offers a quicker and more centralized approach. With typedesk, you can access your email templates from a single interface and use them not only in Outlook but across multiple email platforms and applications.

How do I get the template button in Outlook?

To get a template button in Outlook, you normally enable the My Templates add-in. For a more powerful and seamless experience, typedesk can be utilized as an alternative. With typedesk's integration, you can have a dedicated button or shortcut that brings up your customized templates, complete with dynamic content, for more efficient email management.

How to create email templates in Outlook?

In Outlook, you start by composing a new email with the desired content for your template. Once you're satisfied, click File > Save As, and in the Save as type dropdown, select Outlook Template (.oft). Give it a name and save it. To use the template, you navigate through menus each time. Alternatively, typedesk text expander allows for quicker access and cross-platform functionality, making it a versatile alternative.

How to create templates in Outlook?

Templates in Outlook are created by saving an email via File > Save As, then choosing Outlook Template as the type. typedesk text expander offers a dynamic approach, allowing you to create, organize, and share templates across different platforms easily.

How to save email templates in Outlook?

To save an email template in Outlook, select File > Save As, then Outlook Template in the dropdown. typedesk simplifies this by providing a centralized location for all your templates, which are easily accessible and can be used across various platforms.

How to use Outlook templates?

To use a template in Outlook, navigate to New Items > More Items > Choose Form. typedesk enhances this by allowing you to insert templates directly with keyboard shortcuts or a few clicks, directly within your email, saving time and maintaining consistency across communication channels.

How to use templates in Outlook?

Using templates in Outlook involves selecting New Items > More Items > Choose Form. typedesk offers a more streamlined approach, with a user-friendly interface and immediate access to templates, which significantly enhances efficiency.

How to make templates in Outlook?

Making templates in Outlook involves saving an email as an Outlook Template file. typedesk provides a solution allowing you to create responsive templates with placeholders, enabling quick personalization without manual editing.

How to save templates in Outlook?

In Outlook, templates are saved within the program itself. typedesk offers a cloud-based solution that saves and accesses your templates from any device or platform, facilitating a unified brand voice across all customer touchpoints.

How to add quick parts in Outlook?

Adding quick parts in Outlook requires you to save text snippets via the Insert tab. typedesk expands this feature, allowing you to create canned responses that are easily accessible and include placeholders for quick customization across different applications.

How to use email templates in Outlook?

Using email templates in Outlook requires navigating through menus to insert the template. typedesk text expander simplifies this process, allowing for instant insertion of templates with shortcuts, enhancing workflow efficiency.

How to edit quick parts in Outlook?

Editing quick parts in Outlook involves reinserting and resaving the quick part. typedesk offers real-time updates and sharing capabilities for canned responses, ensuring up-to-date templates across messaging platforms.

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