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How typedesk optimizes IncQuery's survey setup and client communication

Christian Klumpp


Company IncQuery
Industry Survey Creation and Data Analysis
Time saved per month 160 hours
Team size 60

The Challenge of Managing Templates Efficiently

IncQuery specializes in creating surveys for clients, with a keen focus on the questionnaire setup process. They encountered challenges with repetitive client questions and sought a solution to efficiently manage survey logic and advice on best survey practices.

Before typedesk

Before adopting typedesk, IncQuery's team stored canned responses in an internal wiki. They explored Outlook's built-in templates and HubSpot's snippet feature but found these solutions fell short in terms of usability and accessibility.

"The internal wiki was not being utilized effectively, and the team was crafting their individual responses. This not only wasted time but also risked inconsistent communication with our clients."

Chris, COO EMEA at IncQuery


Chris led the initiative to find a more effective tool, resulting in the discovery of typedesk. The platform's features met IncQuery's requirements for shareable snippets, Outlook compatibility, and ease of use with keyboard shortcuts.

"After half an hour of testing typedesk and realizing how seamlessly it worked across tools, I knew it was the right choice. It immediately resolved our main pain points."

Chris, COO EMEA at IncQuery


typedesk allowed IncQuery's team to promptly provide detailed answers to client questions, streamlining the survey setup process. It also facilitated the efficient sharing of code snippets for survey logic, which enhanced overall productivity.


With typedesk, IncQuery improved its survey setup process, increased productivity, and maintained client satisfaction. The team could address complex logic and coding requirements more effectively, resulting in smoother project workflows.

Wrap up

typedesk provided IncQuery with a versatile and cost-effective solution, enabling them to save time, maintain consistency, and enhance control over their survey setup process. The tool's ease of use and adaptability have made it an indispensable part of IncQuery's operations, ensuring they remain agile and client-focused in the dynamic field of survey creation and data analysis.

"typedesk has exceeded our expectations. It's become essential in maintaining the quality and efficiency of our communication, both internally and with clients, and has truly transformed the way we work."

Chris, COO EMEA at IncQuery

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