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Discover why so many people think typedesk is the best text expander app for Mac and Windows. Unlock your potential today. Our teams save up to 7 hours each week by ditching repetitive typing. Give your productivity a boost thanks to typedesk text expander. It's super-easy to use and works across all apps and websites!

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Text replacement software, Phrase expansion software, Email Macros, Email Drafts, Automated Responses

Pip Meecham - Tech Advisor & ClickUp Channel Partner

I love typedesk! It is by far one of my favourite tools to have in our tech stack.
Productivity software, Boilerplate Text, Saved Replies, Frequently Used Replies, Abbreviation tool

Michael Johnson - Senior Certification Specialist, HighLevel

We use typedesk to ensure that communications remain aligned and uniform across all our channels as our company scales up.
Email Drafts, Email Macros, Boilerplate Text, Text snippet tool, Response Templates

Michael Montefusco - Founder, Fitness Marketing Machine

This software is unreal. It's like having a ChatGPT writing assistant on every single app I use and having all the prompts I can create at my fingertips.
Pre-written Responses, Email Macros, Email Autoresponders, Auto-correct software, Phrase expansion software

Sean Eruppakkattu - Physicist

typedesk it’s truly a timesaver when it comes to writing. Whatever task you’re on, you know you have typedesk’s backup. I wouldn’t know what I would do without it now!
Templated Emails, Response Templates, Response Management, Smart typing tool, Custom shortcuts

Shorif Ahmed Adil - Digital marketing expert

Congrats on the launch. typedesk is an excellent productivity app that I use every single day. Best wishes.
Phrase expansion software, Auto-correct software, Message Templates, Response Library, Custom shortcuts

Grant Millar - I'm a financial adviser who loves tech.

typedesk is awesome. I've saved so much time in my financial planning business. I use canned responses for marketing, regular emails for clients, regular phrases, and plan to add more for my advice documents. I can only imagine how good it's going to be with an OpenAI integration.
Smart typing tool, Abbreviation tool, Pre-written Responses, Automation software, Quick text tool

Antonio Cárdenas - Entrepreneur

I have been using Text Expander for more than 6 years, but I have decided to move to typedesk because it has a better pricing for my company with more or less the same features, and they even keep adding more functionalities.
Keyboard macros, Text replacement software, Pre-written Responses, Mac text expansion, Automation software

Gerrit Grunert - Looking for Gmail CREMs

Very flexible & convenient, very fast, active developing team with regular updates! Saving me hours of my time.
Phrase expansion software, Templated Emails, Email Autoresponders, Response Library, Pre-written Responses

Alex Shahrestani - Law partner and legal-tech founder.

I have purchased many lifetime deal apps (and their competitors) over the years because I believe that technology stacks can improve efficiency, quality, and customer experience. Many of these deals end up being okay. Some end up dying or being duds. typedesk is one of the few I'm proud to champion. It does its job, and does its job well. It is easy to set up new prompts for expansion, and I feel the pull to create one any time I'm writing text that I think will be a repeated in the future. I don't have to reinvent the wheel everytime I receive a question, and I can standardize my team's responses. We are a law firm, so client confidentiality is also of upmost importance. I really appreciate typedesk's focus on user privacy. Not only do they claim a privacy-centric approach, they explain how they can accomplish it. Before typedesk, I had written a script to insert canned responses into emails and saved my team all kinds of time, but now we can use canned responses anywhere, and it has a much better user experience than what I had been able to provide. Now, typedesk has done it again with their GPT integration! GPT is great, but having it available in context is another great time-saving feature. Now I don't need to rely on another one of my hacky scripts to accomplish the same. This product is reasonably priced, has a great interface, works reliably, focuses on privacy, and has its finger on the pulse. I recommend this product all over the place, and the team makes it really easy for me to want to do so. Keep it up @michel_vermeulen1 !
Text expansion program, Email Automation, Text replacement software, Windows text expansion, Workflow automation

Jonathan Pak - Online Nutrition Coach

I use typedesk more often that Google. This is pretty much all there is to say: I can not imagine using a computer efficiently without typedesk. Actually, the only thing missing right now is the mobile app. Because I'm sooo used to typedesk that my smartphone feels clunky without it ! This is easily the best purchase I've made regarding my productivity in years.
Keyboard macros, Automated Responses, Mac text expansion, Auto-correct software, Quick text tool

Upendra Singh Rathore - Co-founder, Chordius Digital LLP

A great productivity boost for me.
Saved Replies, Quick text tool, Email Drafts, Response Management, Windows text expansion

Daryl Crouse - Attorney and advocate

Exceptional. I've been using typedesk for over a year now. As an attorney I have a lot of definitions that must be added to documents, typedesk allows me to add multiparagraph text with just a few keystrokes.
Email Scripts, Copy and Paste Messages, Text expansion program, Productivity enhancement tool, Automated Responses

Zee Ali - Founder of and Wealth Armor

Love it!! I would love to see more case uses for ChatGPT integration. I saw just the video from the blog. Love the tool and have been using it for a while.
Boilerplate Text, Automated Responses, Mac text expansion, Email Macros, Text expansion program

Natasha - HR Manager interested in upscaling orgs

typedesk is a cross-platform tool that is highly valued by its developers and receives frequent updates. Although I sometimes encounter problems with new updates, the responsive team promptly fixes them. Overall, my experience with typedesk has been excellent.
Workflow automation, Frequently Used Replies, Windows text expansion, Response Templates, Standardized Messages

Raul Estrela - Founder Tecla Digital on 2001.

Super easy to use with a clean interface. Useful tool.
Windows text expansion, Text expansion program, Productivity software, Abbreviation tool, Response Library

Elite Performance Academy - I run a football academy in Bangkok

Best​ app purchase of all time! Great time saver, fantastic customer service and support and the product keeps improving
Response Templates, Auto-correct software, Custom shortcuts, Email Scripts, Boilerplate Text

Steven 👾 - Helping people work smarter, not harder.

typedesk is an innovative TextExpander alternative that I use daily. Can’t recommend it enough. Can’t wait until it’s available on iOS! Highly recommend.
Typing shortcuts, Standardized Messages, Phrase expansion software, Quick Responses, Response Library

Philippe Ruaudel - A French SciFi writer A DBA Oracle

Hi all. This product is well developed, easy to use and fast. I use typedesk for months now. Every day it helps me to accelerate my work. I can use canned response everywhere, shortcuts for common texts and organize them by theme. You can elaborate longer text models with variables. With ChatGPT integrated, it will become faster than ever. A must have tool. Bravo et mille fois merci !! @michel_vermeulen1
Boilerplate Text, Time-saving software, Templated Emails, Saved Replies, Pre-made Messages

Ben Delville - Work in IT, prefer outdoors.

Amazing time saver! Things that used to take several minutes now take several seconds. It reduces time, fatigue, and prevents errors. Michel is awesome at updating and maintaining the program. Highly recommended!
Email Macros, Formatted Responses, Productivity enhancement tool, Pre-written Responses, Text replacement software

Shane Harris (Patch) - @shane_harris_patch_

typedesk is one of my favourite tools and saves me literally 2+ hours a day, I use it every 5 mins or so. Highly recommended!
Standardized Messages, Email Drafts, Keyboard macros, Windows text expansion, Custom shortcuts

Bernard T - Serial entrepreneur, tech geek

Very interesting.. love the functionality
Quick Responses, Automated Responses, Mac text expansion, Pre-written Responses, Standardized Messages

Goran - @goranm

I wish you all the best with the launch. One of the tools I use every day is typedesk, and as I use it more, it becomes more valuable to me. In all honesty, I am a happy user.
Productivity software, Saved Replies, Abbreviation tool, Response Library, Boilerplate Text

Nam Khanh Nguyen - Just want to explore the world

Perfect, it work like vscode suggest for non-coder
Automated Responses, Email Autoresponders, Text expansion app, Abbreviation tool, Text expansion software

C J - Cybersecurity consultant and blogger.

Excellent product! Switched over from T*xtExpand*r and TypeDesk is soooooo much better. I highly recommend to anyone considering purchase. Congrats on the launch and keep up the good work!
Windows text expansion, Email Autoresponders, Pre-written Responses, Mac text expansion, Email Scripts

Dr. Gwen Smith - Energy healing life coach

This app is a totally time-saver. So amazing when it comes to typing reports and email messages when I want to save time.
Boilerplate Text, Email Autoresponders, Abbreviation tool, Frequently Used Replies, Text replacement software

Jamie Forster - @jamie_forster

Simply the best time saving app, easy to use and implement and very lightweight
Smart typing tool, Windows text expansion, Productivity enhancement tool, Message Templates, Auto-correct software

Panther Productions - Founder Freelance FOSS web agency

A useful cross-platform tool that gets much love and attention from its developers and regular updates. From time to time, I run into issues with new updates, but these are quickly fixed by their responsive team and my overall my experience with typedesk has been amazing.
Standardized Messages, Auto-correct software, Text replacement software, Message Templates, Text snippet tool

Marifl - @marcus_ifland

Exceptional piece of software. I need to write a ton of E-Mails and created some templates for myself, which I just copied. The Problem was that I needed to manually change some elements like names and other information unique to every single mail. Every so often, it's easy to forget to fill out one of the blank spaces within my text template after copying, which is frustrating when you have sent an e-mail with "Hello _____". There may be some more or less complicated workarounds within some writing & Mail Software I use, but nothing has been as easy to use as typedesk. You can paste your precomposed text in typedesk as a new "canned response", replace your "_____ blank_____" with a variable, individualize how you want to be prompted when it's time to fill in the information in the blank fields. From now on, you just type "/" + "your pre-defined shortcut" and there you go. My personal Killerfeature: It lives outside your applications, so it can be used with every single piece of software where you need to enter text. Regardless if it's within a browser, Mail application, Word, Excel etc.
Response Library, Email Automation, Productivity software, Message Templates, Text expansion app

Ghislain DEMONDA - Everlasting learner

This is an amazing tool I have been using for about a year now. The latest version is super fast. I can prepare all the canned messages I usually use (I'm sure your like me and often use the same sentences ;). SO, it's a big THUMBS UP for typedesk !
Message Templates, Email Drafts, Automated Responses, Text expansion software, Text replacement software

Andy Tran - @andy_tran15

Fantastic app. I have been a customer for past 2 years. Deployed this on 6 of our companies and my users can't function without this tools. We have adopted it into daily operation. Simply the best. We stopped using the rest of the tools despited we paid for them.
Message Templates, Smart typing tool, Custom shortcuts, Time-saving software, Windows text expansion

Tobias Geisler - Coach & CEO

typedesk has helped and my company be productive everywhere, where we need to reuse text. Even when programming it's very helpful. It can act as a codesnippet database. For marketing, we have saved our brand color codes easiliy accessible by just typing :color and then selecting the color we want. The code is then automatically added to any text field. Super useful!
Quick Responses, Frequently Used Replies, Email Automation, Windows text expansion, Email Scripts

Duy Nguyen - App junkie

I love love love typedesk. With this new update, we can use typedesk directly for simple 1-step prompts. This would be great for generating email responses, title/metadescriptions generator etc. I can already think of some awesome use cases!
Productivity software, Pre-written Responses, Time-saving software, Mac text expansion, Email Drafts

Rita Schaff - I love testing applications

There's no app that can do what this does.
Productivity enhancement tool, Quick text tool, Automation software, Response Library, Text snippet tool

David Peter - @david_peter6

I was a Textexpander user, but I like typedesk more. The user experience is better and now that they have implemented a way to use Openai is just way better than their competitors.
Text expansion software, Email Automation, Phrase expansion software, Saved Replies, Productivity software


🤗 I have been using typedesk since December 2021 and I will never go back, there are really so many use cases for this incredible tool, that a comment is not enough, I will summarize it by saying that I use it every day and at all times: A keyboard shortcut + a couple enter or text entries and everything solved... 🔥 Many customers have noticed the difference and have asked me directly "How do you do it?", obviously I have recommended them in every way. 🤯 I've seen the announcements of the new features, specifically the integration with ChatGPT, it will be a very powerful thing to further increase the value over typedesk and also improve day-to-day productivity. About this (and it is understood) the only thing I regret is that it requires a paid ChatGPT account, which is an AI that I have tried, I see its potential for use, but I still haven't finished integrating it into my flow to pay for it. I know that day will come sooner rather than later, but for now I will wait. Thanks to the amazing team at typedesk, they are the best 🏆 @michel_vermeulen1 -- Idioma nativo: 🤗 Estoy usando typedesk desde diciembre 2021 y jamás volveré atrás, realmente son tantos los casos de uso para esta increíble herramienta, que no basta un comentario, lo resumiré diciendo que lo uso todos los días y a toda hora: Un atajo de teclado + un par de enter o entradas de texto y todo resuelto... 🔥 Muchos clientes han notado la diferencia y me han preguntado directamente "¿Cómo haces?", obviamente los he recomendado en todo sentido. 🤯 He visto los anuncios de las nuevas funciones, específicamente la integración con ChatGPT, será algo muy poderoso para aumentar aún más el valor sobre typedesk y también para mejorar la productividad en el día a día. Sobre esto (y se entiende) lo único que lamento es que requiera cuenta pago de ChatGPT, que es una IA que he probado, veo su potencial de uso, pero aún no la termino de integrar a mi flujo como para pagar por ello... Se que ese día llegará más temprano que tarde, pero por el momento esperaré. Gracias al increíble equipo de typedesk, son los mejores 🏆 @michel_vermeulen1
Email Drafts, Boilerplate Text, Standardized Messages, Saved Replies, Email Automation

Torsten P. - CEO - find embedded iPaaS

Have been using typedesk for a year, it saves so much time to not write the same again and again (names, emails, greeting formulas). And I have been beta testing the ChatGPT integration,it works as promised. Apart from not having to use the openai interface, I just change the keyword and don't have to retype or copy paste the basic prompt. And Michel always responsive.
Formatted Responses, Keyboard macros, Copy and Paste Messages, Quick Responses, Response Library

Ronnie Sharpe - @ronnie_sharpe1

My entire team uses typedesk from sales to legal to project management. It's incredibly easy to use and saves us so much time. I've actually started saving ChatGPT prompts that I like for quick access using typedesk as well 🙌🏼
Email Drafts, Time-saving software, Copy and Paste Messages, Automation software, Email Macros

Theo Pistorius - Founder of 4 SA biz's. Pls no cryptos

I absolutely love typedesk, and use it for a bunch of canned (and less canned, to be honest) responses, including a regular report I need to create for a client (cheating? No. Optimising it and just filling the numbers and name in [and a bit of random boilerplate] for a weekly report? YES!). Now enhanced with ChatGPT? Sign me up! I've been an avid recommender of typedesk in my businesses for a while now. @michel_vermeulen and his team just gave me even more reason to move all my teams over.
Boilerplate Text, Windows text expansion, Text snippet tool, Message Templates, Productivity software

J GW - hi

Use for product support where repetitive replies are not as simple as using an FAQ. Easy to paste and then edit to suit individual questions. Timesaver as well as brain saver!
Saved Replies, Response Templates, Auto-correct software, Smart typing tool, Email Macros

David Suescun - Hi! My name is David Suescun

Typesk is absolutely brilliant! It's one of the products/services i use more on my day to day, and it makes my work a lot easier. Definitely recommend people check it out (plus the new GTP feature looks very promising)
Text expansion software, Automation software, Abbreviation tool, Response Management, Pre-written Responses

Mike Foston - Hi

I had a couple of other tools that provided some similar functions to typedesk, but once I started to learn the additional capabilities, I dumped the others and settle on typedesk. I’ve still far from master everything that could be possible, simply down to the availability of my time, but I use it daily, I’ve been able to separate home and business uses into a clearly define set, and can call them from a single interface. Being able to return different data, in multiple ways depending on circumstance is brilliant, it simply prompts me to give it the right scenario, and it reformats to suit. I had a small issue with the Mac version on initial install, but support were responsive, helpful and resolve the issue in the next release, and gave me a temporary work around. Bugs are fine if support is there, so that was a positive experience too. I’m very happy with typedesk and look forward to expanding my use of it, and continue to share knowledge about it with friends and colleagues so they benefit too.
Saved Replies, Smart typing tool, Boilerplate Text, Copy and Paste Messages, Frequently Used Replies

Paul Colaianni - •

I can't live without typedesk. Every time I find myself typing something I've typed before, I add it to typedesk so I never have to manually type it again. The program is consistently maintained and faster than ever with the latest update. Will be a tool I use forever. I used to insert "Quick Parts" in my email, which is Outlook's version of canned text answers. It doesn't hold a candle to typedesk since I can use typedesk anywhere on my computer, not just email. It rocks.
Email Macros, Pre-written Responses, Smart typing tool, Productivity software, Text expansion program

Paul Burns - Bookkeeper

absolutely love TypeDesk for what it offers, and not only the product, but the customer service.
Workflow automation, Productivity software, Quick Responses, Automated Responses, Typing shortcuts

Greg Petithomme - @greg_petithomme

Really useful. easy to use everyday
Email Autoresponders, Auto-correct software, Time-saving software, Automation software, Smart typing tool

Asing Ku - @asing_ku

typedesk allready was really usefull as my textexpander. But when I started using ChatGPT and other AI tools I quickly starting using typedesk as my prompt repository too. If you are into prompting you'll notice that there is a lot of reoccuring phrases. Like "Imagine you are a SEO specialist" and "Write using Hemmingway rules". Exactly those elements you can store in typedesk and use easily to construct your 'perfect' prompt. And you can use it in ChatGPT but also in all other AI tools. For me typedesk is the 'perfect' prompt repository.
Pre-written Responses, Saved Replies, Text expansion app, Mac text expansion, Email Scripts

Luca Ronchi - @luca_ronchi

typedesk changed the work of my team, it was not the first canned-response system we used but it's been the first we loved because of its reliability and simplicity to use
Workflow automation, Mac text expansion, Saved Replies, Quick text tool, Copy and Paste Messages

李鼎嘉 - @new_user_74d7929319

i been using typedesk for several years, since 2021, i would say the software is great, i have windows/mac they sync perfectly, this is one of the software that i use everyday, it saves much of my time on thinking on how to answer clients, i have my FAQ in typedesk, i just search it and copy/paste into my support desks. i love it has a search function, and i can share the answers with my co-workers. so they save time on answering FAQs.
Message Templates, Keyboard macros, Response Management, Pre-made Messages, Response Library

Tony Wiljanden - @tony_wiljanden

typedesk is an automation tool for canned responses that can help increase efficiency and productivity in customer support. With this tool, agents can create and save predefined responses for common questions, allowing them to quickly respond to customers without having to type the same response over and over again. typedesk is especially useful for those who work in customer support or similar roles where they receive many similar questions. Users can organize their responses into categories for easy searching and retrieval, and they can also customize their responses with replacement fields to tailor them to each specific case.
Productivity software, Frequently Used Replies, Templated Emails, Boilerplate Text, Time-saving software

Hak - @hak_jenkins

Congrats @michel_vermeulen1 on the new launch. typedesk has hit the floor running, adding great value and features from the start. It has come a long way with each new update. Michel has always provided great support and eager to build on client suggestions. The UI/UX has improved so much and the canned responses are now super fast. With adding things like ChatGPT, we look forward to future development. Last year I wanted to use typedesk to fill out repetitive online forms and he said that it is not possible at the moment but finished the email with "But, never say never". Well, we are now in neverland.
Boilerplate Text, Pre-made Messages, Standardized Messages, Mac text expansion, Email Macros

Marcelo Bacchi - @marcelo_bacchi1

Brilliant text expander. Highly recommended for personal or team use.
Text expansion program, Boilerplate Text, Smart typing tool, Automated Responses, Productivity enhancement tool

KC Wong - CEO, iZen Digital Media Marketing Agency

typedesk is a fantastic productivity and time-saving app! Been using it since 2021! Can't wait to try the enhanced AI integration with ChatGPT. To the moon!
Email Drafts, Email Scripts, Automation software, Quick Responses, Text expansion app

Haley Dermody - @haleyderm

typedesk is well crafted, practical, and time saving in so many ways! Michel is a passionate CEO who really cares about giving his clients the best! 💪
Text replacement software, Text expansion program, Mac text expansion, Response Management, Pre-made Messages

Juan Durán - @juan_duran

typedesk is a great tool, if you feel you type something more than twice a day you can automate this text easily. Also it is able to create dinamic canned responses so you can customize the text with a few clicks. It's a must have in your productivity arsenal.
Frequently Used Replies, Pre-written Responses, Windows text expansion, Productivity software, Keyboard macros

Ali Khalil - @ali_khalil

typedesk is an amazing app, and i've been using for quite some time now! Thanks @michel_vermeulen1 for adding the OpenAI integration. Do you have any tutorials setup yet on how to actually use the integration?
Email Autoresponders, Phrase expansion software, Email Drafts, Windows text expansion, Email Macros

Frank Sellingsloh - @frank_sellingsloh2

Oh mighty God, I pray for blessings upon typedesk launching on Product Hunt today. This tool is of immense value to our team and we use it on a daily basis to streamline our work. I pray that it is well-received by the community and that it will be just as useful to others as it is to us. Please bless the developer and all those involved in bringing this great product to market. Amen.
Workflow automation, Copy and Paste Messages, Response Templates, Email Autoresponders, Email Drafts

Urs Frei - @urs_frei

The classic investment: text once + save time over and over again.
Smart typing tool, Custom shortcuts, Frequently Used Replies, Productivity enhancement tool, Text expansion program

Divyesh Vasani - podcaster about founder stories

I liked the ability of standardizing, templating routine and every important interactions. IT saves time and lesser the mistakes the more productivy. Keep up!
Text replacement software, Email Macros, Mac text expansion, Response Templates, Windows text expansion

Emmanuel Lemor - @emmanuellemor

Started using it a few weeks ago... it's honestly a god send [can't believe it's the only solution out there of its type]... And the beauty of it is that it's reasonably priced, the team is responsive and it just works! Can't wait for the future of TypeDesk!
Text expansion program, Message Templates, Productivity software, Text replacement software, Text expansion app

Tor Jones - Backpack is filled with colored pencils.

I have been using typedesk for a few months, and it has saved me so much time and allowed me to send out constant messages effortlessly!

Wall of love 💚

This app is a phenomenal tool.

David Shutler

While our help desk does provide saved answers, I use typedesk to maintain a personal voice in my canned responses quickly and efficiently.

Melanie Shears

I(we) absolutely LOVE typedesk. This is a no brainer for any solopreneur or team that have to deal with customers support, fill forms on a regular basis, or just save time in general. It also syncs up on the cloud with everyone on the team so we have brand consistency across the company and remove the guessing out of the replies that our team have to generate keeping it custom for all our clients. We write or edit it once, and the entire team is automatically up to date for their very next communication. It's 10x faster, and works like a charm across all our platforms. UI is friendly with minimal learning curve. And like that wasn't enough, they just brought chatGPT integration at no extra cost allowing us to bring the power or 'reply', 'paraphrase', 'summarize' and much more to all our activities with the press of a keystroke. No need to copy/paste from one app to another or even having to go to chatgpt itself, it brings it right there and then for us. Thank you, definitely makes our life much easier. Our team now use it for their personal tasks as well.

Patrick Charlier

Simple app that saves an abundance of time in canned responses across browser and Mac desktop.

Long Nguyen

typedesk saves me so much time! Creating a template is easy to do and these shortcuts save so much time. I'm finding new ways every week to continue optimizing my time by fine tuning my templates. The new features provide easy ways to create multiple results from a single template.

Jason E.

Awesome tool and time-saver

Clay Curtin

Great! It will surprise you

Truong Nguyen

I purchased typedesk and started using it. This app is one of the best in corresponding with our clients. Now I dont need to write emails, proposal etc again and again. typedesk made life easier, it's my assistant buddy now. Thanks typedesk... Highly recommended!


Fantastic tool for Content Creators or small Social media teams to interact across social media. Respond quickly and at scale to incoming and outgoing DM's. Great for fast Email responses. Perfect tool for answering similar questions. Team Folders is fantastic and it's the reason you should stack this offer. Get it. It saves so much time and effort.


I use TextBlaze and I was looking for an alternative. typedesk is the perfect solution for me. The interface is clean and modern. It is easy to use and it works :) I am very happy with my purchase. Thank you guys from AS and typedesk for bringing this amazing deal to us!


After trying others, looking at how they worked (or didn't), and looking at their features and prices I realized, this is one sweet deal. Its clean, simple and does its job. Support is quick to reply. Thank you.


This software is perfect and a time saver. I've added loads in there today and have already used it multiple time's. This is a must buy 👌👌👌


I am a past user of textexpander. What I can already say is that I am surprised that I can do even more with this product than with textexpander. I can store different language versions. Snippets and small programs for batch automation.... I think it is exactly the right program for me!


We are a niche service industry and we get a bunch of leads and let me just say that takes up a lot of time when we could be using canned responses like a pro with typedesk. The idea is to free up time in responding so we all could use help with that I imagine. It pays for itself.


Canned responses have been a fantastic way to save time during my onboarding process with clients along with the weekly/monthly reporting emails. Unfortunately, things got a little messy when testing out different CRMs, integrating emails, and dealing with the CRMs' built-in email templates PLUS my Gmail templates. With typedesk, this problem is solved!


typedesk is perfect for when you need to get responses out quickly and don't want to have a messy doc open in another window. You can organize all your canned responses easily and retrieve them quickly! Try it out, you'll love it!


I have been a longtime user of TextExpander and keyboard snippets / shortcuts from other apps. I really enjoy using apps that allow me to save time by re-typing common phrases. With the use of multiple apps, I no longer have to edit text in every app to update a phrase or snippet, I can just update typedesk.


typedesk is a great tool, as you can answer fast and directly by copy and paste. It's not depending on the plattform as it's operating as an desktop app. To sum it up typedesk is really a little but great helper with more even potential.


Yes Just What I Needed! this is great for the repetitive task, such a time saver , my work production has gone through the roof with this tool thank you!


I have just bee using this for 10 days and I am already loving the way it integrates with different service desks. I could not actually find a competitive alternative to typedesk.


typedesk is probably the only thing that made me want to keep my job as a chat agent. The quick search is absolutely amazing and fast, I have never seen a search like that. So many tags to make it easy. I have told my co-workers about this application, and I know some have tried it out. I am working on getting a team together. This is an absolute must for online support jobs.


I love automation, saving time and keystrokes, and minimizing typos - so I already had text expansion set up on my computer, but it didn't work in every app.


Overall, good tool that does what it says. Useful if you have a lot of texts that you often reuse. Not just for emails but actually for any text or words, or emojis. Tool is simple but functional, you can group your texts into folders etc. It is rather intuitive and works well.


typedesk will speed up so many of our repetitive processes & rapidly access a library of canned responses with a click - moving quickly through docs.


this is a must-have tool for all company owners! huge time saver


I didn't think it was very useful for my small business but I tried it and within a day I purchased a code! It is so awesome and helpful. Saves me loads of time and I no longer make the mistake of putting someone else’s name in an email when copying the text. I use it to put in my brand color codes everywhere when needed, fast reply's and so much more. Really love it.


I often found it difficult to repeatedly type the same content. I told myself to create some kinds of storage for easy copy and paste, but I often gave up because of the inconvenience in working out such a storage. And TypeDesk really come as a rescue: a full-round solution and helped me to save significant repeating time!!!


typedesk is one of the those tools you know has a bright future. This is due to its rock-solid focus on doing one thing well, and that's streamlining your team's replies in record times. The UX is simple and seamless. No longer worry about your team's communication being all over the place and get on the same page with typedesk today.


I love that you are available on both Chrome and Desktop. I can't wait for the Safari extension and the mobile app, then you're complete.


One of the best purchases on Appsumo!


We're a professional service company and have a lot of form communications that we send to different clients. typedesk has helped us save a significant amount of time putting together these communications.


typedesk ist ein prima Tool. Das Beste ist, dass man "Canned Responses" mit "Variablen" festlegen kann. Dies kann gerade im Support eine Menge Zeit sparen.


I had been looking for something exactly like this for a while because others I've tried have disappointed me. I was beginning to think I would never find it.


I wasn't exactly sure what it does or how it might help me. But the basic concept sounded like something that might come in handy for someone like me who is launching his own membership platform where I'll be engaging customers through a support desk, creating tutorials and running a membership site.


Great product and even better support! Shout out to Michel for his help!


typedesk is a great tool for those who want to save time.


I use TypeDesk every day and it saves me the time and annoyance of typing repetitive text. It's seems like a small thing, saving a few seconds here, a few there, but they really do add up.


Anyone that values their time should use a text expander solution.


We're loving typedesk! It's easy to use, and saves us tons of time when it comes to sending emails to our customers. The variables work well, although we wish we could have alternate email addresses assigned to each user and be able to use them in variables.


Super excited to have the Team version of TypeDesk... now I can have my team working to support my business and help their productivity and mine!


This solution is super useful. I have many cases, where I can use it in my daily work.


typedesk will make our team much more productive in the future. Since purchasing it, I'm constantly adding new text templates, mostly related to client communication, to share with the team. The ability to work with different variants and variables is absolutely unbeatable. 100% recommendation.


Hi, I was really happy with the use of another Text expander tool (FastKeys) so I was skipping this, but luckily I checked it out. Hey, what the heck.


This is the kind of tool that is a bit underrated, it deserves even more love. I am sucker for time savings and improving my effiency and this tool does deliver. Love the ease of use and the way it makes me more productive even minutes after I started to use this. The only thing I need to do is to think when I type in something I reuse a lot, to make a canned response of it! Well deserved 5 taco's!


I used to use TextBlaze which did a great job. But their team plans start at $6.50/user/month.


This is an extremely helpful tool. Several times a day I have to input information into a government form. Each requires that I type two identical sentences into each form. typedesk allows me to speed throught this. Only saves a few seconds per form, but it certainly adds up.


Great tool, thank you - love the structure, grouping of type of responses, easy to create ones.


This is exactly what I needed for my team to build better systems!


I am very impressed with how the team handled my 3 star review. They reached out directly to Malwarebytes, got them the info to get the product white listed, and then followed up with me. This is a much needed product, if you type the same thing multiple times. Don't let this get away from you. It's a great product with 5 star service.


Sometimes you need an app that just works, and for me that’s TypeDesk. Everyone knows it’s annoying when you copy and paste something and then you copy something else the first thing is erased and you get caught in copy and paste purgatory. Canned responses are really a great use for Type Desk but I use it for much more. I keep code for websites, APIs, and apps there. I keep dummy text for my designs, hashtags for my social tools, and tons of my brand messaging, taglines, copy, brand voice samples, and so much more. Just recently I added some brand messaging to an AI content writer and then I was able to add the blog outlines and copy I generated in type desk to use in email, website, and social channels. It’s really great.


typedesk is a great way to automate your email responses.


I didn't know about other different solutions as competitors and let have a chance to this one and after testing, I've been totally happy to use it. As a web agency, I had to multiply similar answers or process for clients and whaou ! TypeDesk helps a lot !!


It is very easy to use. Simplicity is key which is perfect, because you don't want to be bogged down and distracted when a fast response is required. Glad i purchased, will definately get my ROI with time saved


I love typedesk! There are so many times when I need to send or reply to a message but I'm in the middle of something else. typedesk is the perfect tool for those times because it allows me to quickly create, customize and organize set responses. It's also great because I can share and edit my responses with my entire team across multiple platforms.


I installed it and everything is very smooth. I like to use a competitor app but I will switch fully once a few things are added. But it's a good investment for me in the future.