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Does it work everywhere (Gmail, Outlook etc.)?

Glad you asked. Short answer: Yes!

What makes typedesk so special is that it makes your canned responses available everywere, whether it's your favorite ticketing website, Office documents, social networks, Google documents, any web form, or even your CRM or internal business tools.

Since typedesk is based on your clipboard, as long as you can paste text from your clipboard, you're good to go!

That makes it a super powerful tool: you have a quick access to all your canned responses and text snippets everywhere!

  • On Mac, Windows, or just in your browser.
  • Whether you're replying to customer emails in Gmail, moderating comments on the AppStore or Facebook, or sending outreach sales emails.

The sky is your limit! typedesk works where you do, so you don't have to adapt to yet another new tool!

Please bear in mind that if you want to use typedesk in your apps (outside your browser), you will need to install the desktop app (the browser extension won't work everywhere, only in webpages).

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