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What are the differences between the browser extension and the app?

typedesk is available on multiple platforms and comes as a browser extension and a desktop app for Windows and Mac. Depending on your situation, you might want to install one or the other. Let's compare the two!

Ease of setup

The browser extension is usually the easiest to setup, since it's embedded within your browser. The app requires your to properly install the downloaded file on your computer.


The browser extension tends to run with a lower footprint on your computer, and runs a little faster. So that's a great option if you only plan to use typedesk on webpages.


The desktop app offers a great benefit if you work outside your browser: it works out of the box with all your apps and softwares, no integration required! It even work better in your browser for some complex websites (like Google Docs). So if you want an all-round solution that works everywhere, the desktop app is your preferred option!


If you are changing computers on a regular basis, the browser extension may be easier to restore with your session each time you login to Google Chrome for instance. On the other hand, you will have to reinstall the app on each computer. However, rest assured your responses are automatically synced as soon as you log in.

Platform compatibility

Running Linux? Then our browser extension is your preferred solution at the moment, since our app is only available on Windows and Mac. The browser extension works in any browser supporting Chrome extensions.

Should I install both?

It doesn't really make sense to install both, as the desktop app works in the browser no matter what, and the chrome extension works standalone, but you can if you want install both.

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