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Use ChatGPT with typedesk

Welcome to today's blog post where we are excited to introduce our integration with Chat GPT, a powerful text generation AI that can assist with various tasks. We have integrated Chat GPT directly into typedesk, and in this post, we will provide a quick example of how you can integrate Chat GPT into your workflow.

Rephrase social media posts with typedesk and ChatGPT

Suppose you are writing a social media post on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter and struggling to make it sound more engaging. In that case, Chat GPT can assist you in rephrasing your content in a more joyful and fun way without spending too much time. For instance, let's say we have created a post on typedesk announcing the integration with Chat GPT. We can leverage Chat GPT to rephrase it more professionally, factually, energetically, or in any other way we prefer.

To demonstrate how it works, we have created a rephrased template on typedesk. The template includes a text field variable named "original sentence," which is where you input the contents that you want to rephrase. Additionally, we have added a select multiple-choice variable to indicate the tone we desire, such as professional, fun, energetic, factual, and so on.

Two essential aspects of the settings in this template are to use it as an OpenAI prompt and to ensure that you have an API key for OpenAI in the integrations section of the app preferences. Obtaining an API key for OpenAI requires a paid OpenAI account, but it is inexpensive.

Using this template is straightforward. Cut and send the text to the clipboard and paste it into the "original sentence" text field variable in the template. Then select the tone you want to convey and let typedesk send the request to OpenAI. The result will be inserted directly where you were working.

With Chat GPT integration in typedesk, the sky is the limit in terms of what you can accomplish. You can use it to power up your templates, save time, and create content that engages your audience. We can't wait to see the examples and the innovative ways our users will come up with.

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