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Get to know variables

Welcome back to our typedesk help center! Today, we're taking a closer look at variables and how they can transform your templates into dynamic tools that adapt to each use.

What Are Variables?

At their core, variables are placeholders within your templates that allow for dynamic content insertion. They're perfect for when you need to include product references, customer names, calendar links, and more.

Navigating Variables in typedesk

When crafting a canned response, you'll find variables on the right sidebar, neatly categorized into three types:

1. Dynamic Fill-ins

These are placeholders that require user input. It could be text, a random value, or a calculation.

  • Text Field: Input a simple text, like a product reference. If you select 'remember the last entered value', typedesk will recall your last input for future use.

  • Default Value: Set a fallback text that appears if no input is made, ensuring your message is never incomplete.

2. Account Placeholders

Tailored to your account, these placeholders are replaced with personal information from your team members' accounts when they use the response.

3. Form Automation (Covered in a separate video)

Special variables designed to autofill forms online. Stay tuned for an in-depth tutorial on this!

Variable Types Explained

Now, let's dive into the individual variable types:

  • Multiple Choices: Offer users a selection of predefined options. This can include multiple selections, displayed as either bullet lists or inline sentences.

  • Gender: Customize responses based on the recipient's gender – male, female, or neutral.

  • ampm: Adjust your greeting based on the time of day – morning, afternoon, evening, or night.

  • Random Value: Insert a random value from a list you provide to keep responses feeling fresh and personalized.

  • Calculated Field: Perform calculations within your template. For example, to calculate a total price based on quantity and base price.

  • Another Response: Embed one canned response within another, like including a standard signature across various templates.

  • Date and Time: Insert the current date and time based on your computer's clock, with options to format, adjust, or translate into different languages.

  • Clipboard Contents: Use the contents of your clipboard in your template and restore it afterward.

Boosting Productivity with Variables

Variables are a powerful way to enhance your templates and streamline your workflow. Explore and utilize these tools to maximize your productivity with typedesk.

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