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How to insert templates with typedesk

typedesk offers 2 main ways to insert a text template, with both the extension and the desktop app.

Quick Access

Quick Access is a great way to find a response when you don't have an assigned shortcut, or want to search by keyword.

In order to use Quick Access :

  1. Make sure typedesk is running and you are properly logged in
  2. Click on the app or window where you want to insert your template
  3. Press Alt+C on Windows or Option+C on Mac
  4. Search a template by keyword
  5. Press enter to select the response

If you have added variables to the template, you'll be asked to fill in the variables, and the template is then inserted automatically!


For each template you create, you can assign a text shortcut allowing you to quickly insert any template. For instance, if you assign eml to your email address, you simply need to type %eml to insert your email address.

In order to assign a shortcut to a template, go to the template editor, and in the sidebar, under the "Settings" section, choose a shortcut.

We recommend choosing a shortcut that's memorable and unique. Shortcuts can only contain letters and numbers.

Then, you can use your newly created shortcut in other apps and websites, by typing % followed by the shortcut you've chosen, for instance, %eml.

You can customize which characters will trigger shortcuts in the app preferences (for instance, %, / or :).

In order to use the shortcuts outside your browser, you need to install the desktop app, as the browser extension only works inside the browser.

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