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How to create a Gmail Canned Response?

You are using Gmail on a daily basis and want to save time? You're about to get lucky! Creating a canned response for Gmail is super easy.

1. Open typedesk and create a new canned response

Give your canned response a memorable name, and create your template. It's as easy as writing an email or a word document. Once you're done, if you want to use your canned response with a shortcut, head to the settings section in the sidebar and enter a quick response shortcut of your choice.

2. Open your Gmail account

Head to your Gmail account, and start writing a new email or replying to an existing one.

3. Insert your canned response

In order to use your canned response quickly, you can either:

  • Open typedesk with Alt+C, and press Enter once you have selected the canned response you want to insert. typedesk automatically inserts your canned response.
  • Use the quick response shortcut, for instance :documentation (that is colon followed by the quick response shortcut you have assigned for the response). typedesk will insert your canned response.