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How do you compare with other softwares?

You may have seen other apps and softwares that look similar. typedesk is one of a kind for many reasons!

What makes typedesk unique

  • It's the only canned response app that works on any computer: we offer native apps for Windows and Mac, browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox, and a web app that works in all major browsers.
  • It saves your data online, so you can keep access to your canned responses on any computer.
  • It makes sharing and working in teams a breeze, with notifications & shared folders.
  • It offers advanced features, like variables and conditionals.
  • It has a powerful search bar to easily find your canned responses.
  • It's user-friendly: forget computer-oriented programs, typedesk is modern and intuitive!
  • It's keyboard-friendly, making it the fastest canned response app to use!

The best way to understand what makes typedesk unique is to try it for yourself: click here to download typedesk and get a 14-days free trial!

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