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Response Library, Quick text tool, Mac text expansion, Frequently Used Replies, Email Automation
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Smart typing tool, Auto-correct software, Productivity enhancement tool, Response Library, Text expansion program

Ben Wolowitz

Keyboard macros, Mac text expansion, Frequently Used Replies, Standardized Messages, Copy and Paste Messages


Hey Mike, can we chat in the next few days about onboarding our team?

Our top users save $900 per month

Custom shortcuts, Email Scripts, Boilerplate Text, Productivity enhancement tool, Time-saving software Frequently Used Replies, Email Drafts, Custom shortcuts, Response Management, Pre-written Responses Productivity software, Templated Emails, Keyboard macros, Response Library, Quick Responses Response Management, Text expansion app, Automated Responses, Abbreviation tool, Time-saving software Keyboard macros, Text expansion software, Response Library, Boilerplate Text, Saved Replies

While our help desk does provide saved answers, I use typedesk to maintain a personal voice in my canned responses quickly and efficiently.

Saved Replies, Response Templates, Standardized Messages, Phrase expansion software, Quick Responses

Melanie Shears

Technical Support Specialist @ Helpscout

Email Macros, Quick text tool, Automated Responses, Copy and Paste Messages, Pre-written Responses Automation software, Copy and Paste Messages, Text snippet tool, Email Drafts, Quick text tool Email Macros, Quick text tool, Text replacement software, Typing shortcuts, Quick Responses Email Macros, Text expansion program, Templated Emails, Text snippet tool, Custom shortcuts Boilerplate Text, Windows text expansion, Email Drafts, Automated Responses, Frequently Used Replies

We use typedesk to ensure that communications remain aligned and uniform across all our channels as our company scales up.

Quick Responses, Text snippet tool, Email Drafts, Productivity enhancement tool, Email Macros

Michael Johnson

Training Specialiste @ GoHighLevel

Email Scripts, Keyboard macros, Mac text expansion, Email Macros, Copy and Paste Messages Text snippet tool, Custom shortcuts, Phrase expansion software, Text expansion software, Copy and Paste Messages Abbreviation tool, Saved Replies, Automated Responses, Email Autoresponders, Email Macros Productivity software, Custom shortcuts, Email Drafts, Time-saving software, Abbreviation tool Pre-written Responses, Boilerplate Text, Email Automation, Saved Replies, Time-saving software

As an Attorney, I have a lot of definitions that must be added to documents. typedesk allows me to do so with just a few keystrokes.

Response Management, Standardized Messages, Pre-made Messages, Quick text tool, Typing shortcuts

Ready to type less?Ready for typedesk!


typedesk has apps for Windows, Mac, and all major browsers. Anyone can use it!


Anyone on your team can create and use templates everywhere they work. Powerful meets easy!

It works where you do

No integration needed, typedesk works out of the box with the apps and websites you already use.

Blazing fast

Searching, customizing and inserting templates is super-fast with keyboard shortcuts and native integrations with your OS.

For you and your coworkers

Sharing your responses with your team is dead-easy, and helps keeping everyone on the same page.

Powerful variables

Add dynamic placeholders to fill in information or perform calculations easily within your templates.

Explore our features

Your shortcut to productivity

Try our examples below.

Type in the text box below


Email Scripts, Keyboard macros, Email Automation, Workflow automation, Text expansion software

Create consistent replies for your whole team.

Send replies with confidence and deliver stellar customer experience with shared templates!

Quickly share and sync your canned responses with everyone on your team, or give fine permissions per user for each folder you manage.

Did someone update a response? The rest of the team gets notified.

Workflow automation, Email Drafts, Text expansion program, Automated Responses, Response Library

Trusted by forward-thinking teams around the world!

Customer Support & CSM

Increase customer satisfaction

Reply to customers quickly, everywhere
Share your responses with your team
Better onboard your customers


Spend more time... selling!

Send better cold emails
Better organize your email responses
Send booking links and quotes easily

Marketing Agencies & Consultants

Focus on your clients

Send questions and briefs quickly
Create follow up and email templates
Easily share with everyone on your team


Get things done in time

Send out customized contracts quickly
Keep useful company info at hand
Reply to emails quicker

Accountants & Bookkeepers

Speed up your filing

Customize payroll emails quickly
Perform calculations automatically
Never forget a placeholder

Lawyers & Firms

Ensure consistency in your communications

Quickly send out consultancy estimates
Send document requests easily
Draft legal notices easily

Used by productive teams across every industry

Email Autoresponders, Productivity enhancement tool, Text expansion app, Smart typing tool, Automation software Templated Emails, Boilerplate Text, Typing shortcuts, Response Management, Text snippet tool Text expansion program, Formatted Responses, Automated Responses, Email Scripts, Email Autoresponders

The future of canned responses is here

The last thing you want is sound like a robot! With dynamic placeholders and variables, typedesk responses always sound natural!

Use our ChatGPT integration to create dynamic prompts with typedesk and generate AI-powered responses that will blow your mind!

Powerful variables
Open AI Integration
Works everywhere
Explore features
Custom shortcuts, Typing shortcuts, Text replacement software, Text snippet tool, Templated Emails

Love at first type!

The text expander loved by 10,000+ users

See all reviews

I love typedesk! It is by far one of my favourite tools to have in our tech stack.

Text expansion app, Templated Emails, Auto-correct software, Response Library, Email Drafts

Pip Meecham

Tech Advisor & ClickUp Channel Partner

We use typedesk to ensure that communications remain aligned and uniform across all our channels as our company scales up.

Abbreviation tool, Smart typing tool, Message Templates, Automated Responses, Response Templates

Michael Johnson

Senior Certification Specialist, HighLevel

This software is unreal. It's like having a ChatGPT writing assistant on every single app I use and having all the prompts I can create at my fingertips.

Keyboard macros, Email Drafts, Email Scripts, Text expansion program, Email Macros

Michael Montefusco

Founder, Fitness Marketing Machine

This app is a phenomenal tool.

Message Templates, Text expansion software, Email Macros, Custom shortcuts, Time-saving software

David Shutler

Senior Recruitment Consultant

While our help desk does provide saved answers, I use typedesk to maintain a personal voice in my canned responses quickly and efficiently.

Melanie Shears

Finance & People Operations, Customer Billing Specialist, Helpscout

Simple app that saves an abundance of time in canned responses across browser and Mac desktop.

Long Nguyen

Multimedia Designer and Zenfluencer.

Typdesk is a cross-platform tool that is highly valued by its developers and receives frequent updates. Although I sometimes encounter problems with new updates, the responsive team promptly fixes them. Overall, my experience with Typdesk has been excellent.

Message Templates, Response Library, Abbreviation tool, Custom shortcuts, Email Scripts


HR Manager interested in upscaling orgs

Super easy to use with a clean interface. Useful tool.

Smart typing tool, Response Management, Saved Replies, Email Automation, Productivity software

Raul Estrela

Founder Tecla Digital on 2001.

Typedesk is an innovative TextExpander alternative that I use daily. Can’t recommend it enough. Can’t wait until it’s available on iOS! Highly recommend.

Automated Responses, Email Scripts, Templated Emails, Typing shortcuts, Automation software

Steven 👾

Helping people work smarter, not harder.

Hi all. This product is well developed, easy to use and fast. I use Typedesk for months now. Every day it helps me to accelerate my work. I can use canned response everywhere, shortcuts for common texts and organize them by theme. You can elaborate longer text models with variables. With ChatGPT integrated, it will become faster than ever. A must have tool. Bravo et mille fois merci !! @michel_vermeulen1

Automated Responses, Pre-made Messages, Text snippet tool, Automation software, Time-saving software

Philippe Ruaudel

A French SciFi writer A DBA Oracle

I wish you all the best with the launch. One of the tools I use every day is Typedesk, and as I use it more, it becomes more valuable to me. In all honesty, I am a happy user.

Custom shortcuts, Productivity enhancement tool, Templated Emails, Response Templates, Saved Replies



Excellent product! Switched over from T*xtExpand*r and TypeDesk is soooooo much better. I highly recommend to anyone considering purchase. Congrats on the launch and keep up the good work!

Automation software, Text expansion software, Text replacement software, Standardized Messages, Text expansion program


Cybersecurity consultant and blogger.

Simply the best time saving app, easy to use and implement and very lightweight

Productivity enhancement tool, Email Drafts, Time-saving software, Mac text expansion, Frequently Used Replies

Jamie Forster


Great! It will surprise you

Custom shortcuts, Frequently Used Replies, Keyboard macros, Text expansion app, Email Automation

Truong Nguyen


typedesk is well crafted, practical, and time saving in so many ways! Michel is a passionate CEO who really cares about giving his clients the best! 💪

Typing shortcuts, Message Templates, Productivity enhancement tool, Frequently Used Replies, Boilerplate Text

Haley Dermody


Started using it a few weeks ago... it's honestly a god send [can't believe it's the only solution out there of its type]... And the beauty of it is that it's reasonably priced, the team is responsive and it just works! Can't wait for the future of TypeDesk!

Email Drafts, Standardized Messages, Windows text expansion, Phrase expansion software, Response Templates

Emmanuel Lemor


Smart typing tool, Email Autoresponders, Custom shortcuts, Automated Responses, Time-saving software

Jeremy Muselet

Business Development

Sometimes you need an app that just works, and for me that’s TypeDesk. Everyone knows it’s annoying when you copy and paste something and then you copy something else the first thing is erased and you get caught in copy and paste purgatory. Canned responses are really a great use for Type Desk but I use it for much more. I keep code for websites, APIs, and apps there. I keep dummy text for my designs, hashtags for my social tools, and tons of my brand messaging, taglines, copy, brand voice samples, and so much more. Just recently I added some brand messaging to an AI content writer and then I was able to add the blog outlines and copy I generated in type desk to use in email, website, and social channels. It’s really great.


Typedesk ist ein prima Tool. Das Beste ist, dass man "Canned Responses" mit "Variablen" festlegen kann. Dies kann gerade im Support eine Menge Zeit sparen.


I wasn't exactly sure what it does or how it might help me. But the basic concept sounded like something that might come in handy for someone like me who is launching his own membership platform where I'll be engaging customers through a support desk, creating tutorials and running a membership site.


I used to use TextBlaze which did a great job. But their team plans start at $6.50/user/month.


This software is perfect and a time saver. I've added loads in there today and have already used it multiple time's. This is a must buy 👌👌👌


I love automation, saving time and keystrokes, and minimizing typos - so I already had text expansion set up on my computer, but it didn't work in every app.


We're loving typedesk! It's easy to use, and saves us tons of time when it comes to sending emails to our customers. The variables work well, although we wish we could have alternate email addresses assigned to each user and be able to use them in variables.


Yes Just What I Needed! this is great for the repetitive task, such a time saver , my work production has gone through the roof with this tool thank you!


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Mac text expansion, Text expansion app, Auto-correct software, Text expansion software, Custom shortcuts

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Available on Quick Responses, Email Autoresponders, Copy and Paste Messages, Windows text expansion, Text expansion app Time-saving software, Typing shortcuts, Keyboard macros, Text replacement software, Message Templates Mac text expansion, Email Automation, Email Autoresponders, Text expansion program, Frequently Used Replies Auto-correct software, Email Automation, Abbreviation tool, Text replacement software, Copy and Paste Messages Response Library, Quick Responses, Message Templates, Keyboard macros, Text expansion app