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We've improved the Date Variable!

2 months ago

canned responses text snippets We've improved the Date Variable!

📣 Introducing typedesk 3.1.1 - packed with enhancements and fixes to streamline your workflow! 🎉

What's New:

  • Date Variable Customization: You now have the power to manually select dates with the Date Variable feature, giving you more control over your scheduling and time-sensitive responses. 📅✨


  • Enhanced Translations: We've fine-tuned our translations for even better global communication. 🌍🗣️
  • Variable Calculation Clarity: Missing a variable in your calculations? They'll now be highlighted in red, making it easier to spot and correct any omissions. 🔴🔍


  • Folder Edits: Had trouble editing folders before? Not anymore. We've ironed out the kinks to ensure folder management is smooth sailing. 📁✅
  • Folder Selection During Response Edits: Changing folders while editing a response caused confusion, but we've fixed that to keep your workflow uninterrupted. 🔄🛠️
  • Response Count Updates: The response count in the sidebar will now refresh accurately, so you can trust you're seeing up-to-date info at a glance. 🧮🔄
  • Editing Single-Variable Responses: Faced an issue editing a response that only contained a variable? That's a thing of the past. Edit away with ease! ✏️🚀
  • Form Submission with Tab Key: Accidentally submitting forms when you hit Tab? We've squashed this bug to make sure your tab key behaves as expected. 🚫🔑

Upgrade to typedesk 3.1.1 now and experience the difference! Your feedback is what drives these changes, so keep it coming. Happy typing! 🙌💻

Michel Vermeulen
Founder of typedesk

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