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Major updates coming your way!

We have been quiet for a little while, working hard on our codebase and processing your feedback for our next release of typedesk.

Today is a GREAT day: We have 1, nay, 2 major updates for you!

typedesk for Chrome and Firefox goes 1.2.0

We have heard your feedback, and have upped our game:

  • The last used canned responses is now bumped to the top of the list by default
  • Login with Google now works like a charm
  • It is now super easy to create and edit canned responses online
Simply click on the pen to edit the canned response

The extension will be live very soon on Chrome is now live on Chrome and Firefox. The update will be deployed automatically, so sit back and relax, you'll be enjoying those features very soon.

typedesk Web App gets better, faster, stronger

Common wisdom in startup product management is to move fast and break things. The first version or our web app was doing a great job with team management but was missing some key features, namely creating and editing canned responses. It's over!

It's now possible (and easy) to create and edit canned responses directly in your web browser. Neat!

Login on www.typedesk.com/app/ to start using the web app and create your canned responses!