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Best Canned Responses for IT & Developers

Canned responses are not only useful for customer services and tech support. We use typedesk to speed up our development process and make our developer's life easier. Today, I'm sharing with you some of our most useful snippets for developers.

IP Addresses

This is probably the one I use the most. IP addresses are not something you can remember, and I can't count how many times per week I SSH into our servers. Instead of logging in to our hosting provider every time I need the IP address of one of our many servers, I have saved the IP address of each server we own. Now, I just need to type in the usual ssh user@ and then search for the IP thanks to typedesk powerful quick search (hit Ctrl + R to toggle the quick search).

Terminal Commands

We all have commands that we use every single day. And most of us don't have the courage to add them to our home .bashrc (yep, developers are lazy). We have turned our most useful commands into canned responses, for instance:

  • cd into the project folder and run the watch command to build assets
  • Launch and SSH into the development machine
  • Deploy assets to production servers

Code templates

Code templates are everywhere. You are probably using some sort of IDE or code editor (we are using VS Code which we love), which offers some code templates. typedesk makes it much easier to write them (no need to update your IDE configuration files) and share them with your team.

For instance, I can never remember the meta for the favicon. I've tried, but I always end up googling "meta favicon" to get the right meta. Same goes for HTML boilerplates. Whenever I need to create a page from scratch, I usually end up having to search for a clean boilerplate.

Instead, I have created all those little snippets into typedesk, that I can quickly retrieve whenever I need them. typedesk also features a tech content pack, that allows you to import those very easily into your account.


Some of our users are working for IT companies or IT services, and typedesk proves useful one more time when dealing with client emails. Vulnerability report templates, read receipts, resolution stages etc. typedesk can store the most common replies to save time later on when dealing with emails.