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Product Update: typedesk Extension v1.0.4

4 years ago

A few days after releasing our extension for Chrome and Firefox (read more here), we are happy to add new dynamic variables (we'll write a blog post on how to use those this week).

Our canned response with dynamic variables for customer's and agent's info
Here's our delivery delay CR powered up with dynamic variables

You can now insert the customer's and the agent's info automatically with the following dynamic variables:

Snippet Action Supported in
{{customer.first_name}} Customer's first name (eg. John) Browser extensions only
{{customer.last_name}} Customer's last name (eg. Doe) Browser extensions only
{{customer.full_name}} Customer's full name (eg. John Doe) Browser extensions only
{{agent.first_name}} Agent's first name (eg. Mary) All
{{agent.last_name}} Agent's last name (eg. Appleseed) All
{{agent.full_name}} Agent's full name (eg. Mary Appleseed) All

If you have already installed it, the extension will automatically update within a couple of days. If not, check it out for Chrome and Firefox

Please note: if some dynamic variables are not being properly replaced, please logout and login again to refresh your info.

Michel Vermeulen
Founder of typedesk

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