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Version 2.7.3

7 months ago

Howdy! Here's a shiny new 2.7.3, with lots of fixes and improvements. Let's check it out! 👋

Better updates

Automatic updates should now be much more prominent, and we've improved the process so you don't skip a beat!

Better onboarding

We've improved the onboarding process to make typedesk easier to understand for our new users.

New Font

Calibri is now available in the font selector


Spellcheck is now available in the editor
Calibri font
Duplicate a variant
Duplicate a response
Added non-bullet multi-select
Icons in the Tray menu (Mac)


Better update process
Better multi-screen expanding
Editor back button now sends back to the response folder
When selecting no option in multi-select, the line is completely removed
Improved initial onboarding


Minor cosmetic fixes
Infinite loading with Keyboard Training
List spacing issue