How do teams work?

typedesk allows users to create teams. Teams are a great way to share your canned responses with a certain group of people. For instance, you could create a team for the Sales department, another team for the Technical Support, and a more general team for company-wide responses (containing for instance the company address, VAT number, facebook page etc).

Teams are managed from within the web app available at Once logged in, select "Teams" in the sidebar.

Create a team

Select "Create a team" to get started. Give your team a name, and invite a few people (you can also do that later).

Manage your team

Once your team is created, it will show in your list of teams, along with teams you belong to. To edit a team, click on it.

You can see the list of pending invitations, and the members of your team. You can easily remove anyone from a team you own.

Click on the chain icon to copy the invitation link to your clipboard if you want to send it manually:

1. Manually copy the invitation link / 2. Click to share this canned response

Below the list of members, you'll find all your canned responses. Just click on any canned response to share it instantly with your team.

NB: If one of your shared canned responses uses another canned response via Replace Tags, you need to also share the associated canned response.

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