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Home Help What's the difference between Team and Shared folders?

What's the difference between Team and Shared folders?

Sharing & Collaborating

Team and Shared folders are very similar, with a few important differences summed up below. In general, you'll want to choose Shared Folders for "top down" relationship where Team Folders are great if you want to give more collaboration options to your team.

Shared Folder

  • You are the owner of the canned responses.
  • You only can make edits to the canned responses (change the name, Quick Response Shortcut etc).
  • If you remove your account, everyone looses access to the responses.
  • Only you can add new responses to the folder.

Team Folder

  • Everyone in the folder can make edits
  • The canned responses belong to the folder.
  • Anyone can add responses to shared folders (which will then belong to the folder).
  • If someone leaves the folder, the responses will stay in the folder.

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