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How to create advanced permissions for my folders?

typedesk permissions offer a flexible way to share your canned responses with your team. From fully collaborative to top-down, here are a few examples to organize your account and sharing permissions.

Get your whole team to collaborate

Most teams will want to have everyone at the same level of permissions. Team folders are designed just for that.

Create as many team folders as you need (could be Sales for the sales staff, for instance, or Marketing for the Marketing team etc.), and invite each employee to the folders. In a team folder, every guest can create and edit responses. When someone changes a canned response, the whole team is notified.

Also, when someone in your team folder leaves the team, the canned responses stay in the team folder. Neat!

Click here to learn more about team folders

Share with read-only permissions

In some cases, you don't want to give full edit rights to everyone on your plan. In that case, share one of your personal folders with limited permissions. Your guests will be able to search for and insert the canned responses you share with them. However, they will not be able to edit or create new responses in your shared folder.

Advanced: create a folder with admins + guests

Say you are the account owner, and you want to give edit rights to one of your managers, plus read-only rights to the rest of your team.

Create a personal folder, and select Share. Invite your manager separately, and make sure you select "Can edit responses within that folder" to make him an admin of the folder as well.

Then, repeat the previous steps without selecting this option for the rest of your team. Voilà! You now have a folder with advanced permissions for your whole team!