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Can I share my canned responses with other people?

Sharing your canned responses and text snippets with your team is super easy with typedesk. You can share your own folders, or create team folders where everyone in your team can create, edit and use canned responses.

How to share your canned responses

1. Add your coworkers to one or more folders or team folders

In order to share your canned responses, select the three dots next to any folder in your sidebar, and select Share. Enter the email of one or more co-workers, and save. Invitations are automatically sent by email.

2. Get your co-worker to accept the invitation

Once your co-worker has signed up (using the same email as your invitation), he/she can either use the link in the email or the notification in typedesk to accept the folder invitations.

People you invite will become a guest on your plan and account for one seat. They'll be able to create and edit canned responses and folders as well.


Should I share my own folders or create team folders?

If you're wondering what the differences are between a regular and a team folder, see our dedicated article here.

What can guests on my account do?

A guest has almost the same powers as the account owner, except inviting other people to folders and creating new team folders. However, a guest on your plan can add or edit canned responses inside team folders, use canned responses you share with them and create their own private responses.

Are canned responses shared by default?

No, canned responses are shared only when created inside a team or shared folder.

What happens when users leave a shared or team folder?

Not much, except they won't be able to interact with the responses within that folder. As an admin, you can also revoke a user from any folder, or even remove the user completely from your plan and the seat count will update accordingly.