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What's the quickest way to use typedesk?

There are many ways to use typedesk, but here's out little secret recipes to help you save the most time with little effort: SHORTCUTS!

It sounds technical, but it's not. typedesk shines when using the keyboard! There are 2 ways to use shortcuts on typedesk:

Quickly Searching

In order to quickly search with typedesk:

  • Use Alt+C (you can customize that later on) to quickly select the search bar. With our desktop apps and browser extension, you can even use that shortcut to bring typedesk upfront and start searching right away without having to manually open typedesk.
  • Start searching by keyword, and hit Enter to select the canned response you want to use.

And here's a neat extra-feature: if you're using one of our apps for Windows, Mac, Chrome or Firefox, the canned responses is automatically inserted where you are working! Neat 🤓

Quick Response (desktop apps only)

Say you know exactly which canned response you want to insert. typedesk offers Quick Response shortcuts to quickly insert your canned response anywhere.

Once you have assigned a quick response shortcut to a canned response (see below), you can just type colon (":") followed by the quick response shortcut in any text field to insert the canned response associated. That trick will save you a ton of time!

See the dedicated article below:

Quick Response Shortcuts