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Add "Variables" to my canned responses

Variables are the best way to create unique canned responses for each client, without spending hours customizing every single detail. Variables are also the best way to ensure there's no placeholder left in your text snippet. Here's how to quickly create Variables with typedesk.

Create Variables

When creating a canned response, search for the sidebar on the right and select Variables. 3 types of variables are available:

  • General Variables are variables that don't change over time and are linked to your account (eg. your email address, first name etc).
  • Dynamic Variables are variables that change over time (like date and time) but don't require any user input when selecting the canned response.
  • Custom Placeholders are variables that change every time you select the canned response. typedesk will ask you to fill in the placeholders, and then build the canned responses with the information you enter.

Create custom placeholders

Let's say you're writing about your different plans and need to choose one from several options. Use a Select Placeholder to create a select box that you and your agents can use to quickly select from a list.

There are several custom placeholders available. The frequently used ones are:

  • Select, that created a list of options to choose from
  • Text, that lets you insert free text
  • Random, to randomly insert a piece of content from several predefined options

Feel free to play around with the different placeholders offered, they're super easy to use and powerful!