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📹 How it works (3 min. video)

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You just got here and are probably wondering where to start. The video above is a quick introduction to typedesk. Have any questions? See the frequently asked questions below, and contact us should you need anything else!


Create a canned response
Can I share my canned responses with other people?
What's the difference between Team and Shared folders?
How to create advanced permissions for my folders?

Video transcript

Hello, and welcome to this brief introduction of typedesk that you have just installed today.

My name is Mike, I'm the founder. My goal is to give you a quick tour and a quick outline of where to start with typedesk.

As you can see here, I have set up the Mac version, the desktop version, you may have installed the browser extension, or you may be using the web version, the web app, it's exactly the same process, although we have a few things that are possible with our apps that are not possible with a web version. But all in all, you'll find the same experience whether you use our web app, the browser extension or the desktop app.

You might be wondering where to start and what to do first. When you open typedesk, you'll notice a few different areas.

The left sidebar is where you'll find your account information, the different folders, this is where you can create a new response and your archives.

The center part of the app is always where you'll find the list of canned responses in the specific folder that you have selected. And on the right you have a live preview of the canned response you're currently selecting.

Alright, first you want to share typedesk with your team and get people from your team on board. In order to do that, the easiest way to go about it is to create a team folder. Let's say I'm going to share a response with my sales team. So I'm going to create a sales team folder. And then easily share it with whoever is on my team. So [email protected], send invitation, the invitation that you're sending will be dispatched to the email that you're filling in. So the user will get an invitation to join the shared folder and to create an account on typedesk. And as soon as the user you've invited has accepted the invitation, it will appear right here in the list of users.

You can also share your own folders, you don't have to make a team folder. I won't get into details today about the difference between the folders, the shared folders and the team folders. Now that you have a complete setup, you see that I have a canned response right here. That was one that came with my account that I just created. It's called Try me, you can see here a little flash like the lightning there with a try me, this is the quick response shortcut.

Shortcuts are cornerstone to the experience in typedesk, because you could go you know, just open typedesk every time you need a canned response, and just hit Enter, and it goes to the clipboard, but it would be really tedious.

So what we created is a keyboard first approach. First thing you can close or minimize type desk at any time, it stays opened in the background. And you can use the quick shortcut to open typedesk and quickly search through your canned responses. This is the best way to go about it. So by default, it's Alt + C, if I press this on my keyboard, it brings typedesk back up in front of my other window. And I can you know from there, select a canned response sent to the clipboard and typedesk goes back to the hiding place where it was before. Meaning that you can just keep it in the background at all times.

As you can see here, I have my Gmail opened. So if I select typedesk, select a canned response. And then enter it goes right into my email because I have my you know my windows selected that just automatically paste that camera response where you were before.

There's another really neat way to go about it. I talked about the quick shortcut here, this is actually really handy for a few canned responses where you know, you'll be using them a lot, and you don't want to open typedesk all the time. Let's try that. If I go back to my Gmail, I'd type colon try me. And you can see that typedesk automatically replaces that was the canned response associated with a quick shortcut. So this would be a really brief introduction into typedesk, have a look at the editor. Keep playing with it, and you'll get more emails from me in the next few days.

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