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Social Media Managers love typedesk canned responses to reply faster on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Front etc. Discover why!

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Subject: Setting up typedesk at SpaceX

Hi Elon
canned responses text snippets Social Media Managers

Your canned responses, everywhere you need them

Reply to Facebook comments, AppStore reviews, customer enquiries, and moderate contents easily thanks to typedesk. typedesk works seamlessly so you don't have to change your habits.

You will save hours each week typing the same thing over and over again, whether you are sending quotes, reviews, moderating Facebook pages, or even sending advanced outreach emails with custom placeholders.
canned responses text snippets Social Media Managers

We have been using typedesk for a few months now and are beyond delighted with the experience and support. Working at a startup means being part of a team that is growing quickly. With that growth comes the need to ensure communications remain aligned and uniform across all our channels. If you want your business’ communication to stay consistent as you scale up, typedesk is for you.

canned responses text snippets Social Media Managers

Michael J Founder - GoHighLevel

canned responses text snippets Social Media Managers

Deploy accross your whole organization for max productivity

Get your team in sync and build an extensive set of text snippets for everyone in your company!

Easily moderate and create contents on social media (like tags, templates), ensure consistency and improve the quality delivered to your customers. Quickly share and sync your templates with everyone on your team thanks to Team Folders.

Powerful features for Social Media Managers

typedesk is making your everyday tasks much faster and easier!

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Your data is safe

Your privacy is at the heart of our concerns and we never log or transfer your keystrokes. Your data is encrypted with LUKS and SSL.

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Works on all computers

typedesk works for everyone on your team thanks to our apps for all the major browsers and operating systems.

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Lightning fast

Personalizing and inserting your responses literally takes a few keystrokes to reply at the speed of light!

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Awesome keyboard shortcuts

Every feature in typedesk is designed to be fully usable without leaving your keyboard for maximum productivity.

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Perfect for teams

Keep everyone on the same page with team folders, notifications and built-in sharing capabilities.

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Searching is a breeze

Search by keyword or folder name to find the exact response you need, without leaving your current page or app.

Save time replying on Social Media every single day

Get started

⚡️ It's free!

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