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typedesk supercharges your canned responses in Gmail. Create your canned responses and answer your customers faster than ever on Gmail!

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Ditch repetitive typing Create and organize your canned responses for Gmail with typedesk

Gmail Canned Responses
Search your canned response with a keyboard shortcut
Organize your canned responses with tags
Share your canned responses with your team
Translate your canned responses into several languages
Assign canned responses to different teams
Create complex canned responses with replace tags
Automatically insert sender’s first and last name
Easily reuse your canned responses on Facebook, Zendesk, Twitter etc.

3 reasons why you will typedesk

Do more in less time

Answer your customers faster than ever: typedesk opens up as soon as you need it and is packed with handy features for your canned emails.

One voice for everyone

Share your canned responses with your team to make sure everyone delivers a consistent message to your customers.

It works where you do

typedesk adds powerful canned responses to your ticketing system, email client, social network, document editor, and anywhere you need canned responses. It just works where you do!

Install typedesk for Gmail

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I create canned responses in Gmail with typedesk?

typedesk is the best alternative to Gmail canned responses, offering advanced features for all the email clients and ticketing systems.

Creating a canned response with Gmail App and typedesk is dead easy: install one of our apps, open typedesk (using the keyboard shortcut or the icon), and select 'Create canned response' in the menu (or click on the + icon).

You can easily add several translations, organize by tags, share with team members etc.

Once created, the canned response will be available in whatever app you are using.

Doesn’t Gmail provide canned responses in Gmail App?

Yes, although we think we can improve canned responses by a lot! typedesk is a layer on top of Gmail that makes canned responses awesome, without forcing you to change what you are currently doing.

Can I create a canned email template in Gmail?

Yes, you can use typedesk powerful replace tags to create email templates based on your canned responses.

For instance, a common use is to create a separate canned response for your header and signature, and then reuse those canned responses to create complex templates.

Can I use typedesk with Gmail App for free?

Completely! typedesk offers a Free Forever plan that you can use as long as you want. Some features are only available on our premium plans, starting at $3.99 per month. Feel free to check out our pricing.
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