Mastering Replace Tags and Dynamic Content

Canned responses are a great way to accelerate your conversations and streamline your customer support. How about taking them to the next level? Replace Tags are an easy way to create reusable snippets to make your canned responses even more dynamic.

How it works

Let's take an example. You have a default header and footer for your emails that you want to use as a "layout" for all of your emails. You don't want to copy and paste the snippets every time, making it very painful to update all of your CRs.

Here's the trick: simply create a separate response for the snippet you want to reuse later, say Default Header.

Once created, edit the canned response you've just created and look for the replace code that you'll want to copy and paste (starting with ##).

The Replace Tag is shown right under the content area

You can then copy and paste this replace tag in any other canned response. typedesk will look for the canned response and pull the content in the right language automatically. For instance :

Here comes your message.

Dynamic variables

Dynamic variables are another way to save time and customize your canned responses, being replaced on the fly with dynamic value. Dynamic variables can be customer's or agent's information, or any custom piece of information.

Here's a list of currently supported dynamic variables that you can use in your CRs:

Snippet Action Supported in
{{customer.first_name}} Replaced with the customer's first name (eg. John) Browser extensions only
{{customer.last_name}} Replaced with the customer's last name (eg. Doe) Browser extensions only
{{customer.full_name}} Replaced with the customer's full name (eg. John Doe) Browser extensions only
{{agent.first_name}} Replaced with the agent's first name (eg. Mary) All
{{agent.last_name}} Replaced with the agent's last name (eg. Appleseed) All
{{agent.full_name}} Replaced with the agent's full name (eg. Mary Appleseed) All
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