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Synced with your team • Works on all platforms (including Linux) • Beautiful apps • Lightning Fast (< 10ms)

canned response textexpander alternative windows mac browser extension
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canned response textexpander alternative windows mac browser extension

Quick and easy searching

Your canned responses are available everywhere on your computer, showing up in 10ms (yes, that’s fast).

Quickly and easily search accross your own canned responses and your team’s contents, without learning complicated keyboard sequences or wasting hours searching shared documents.

Organize, sort, find everything

As your business grows, you’ll find yourself with dozens, maybe hundreds of canned responses and snippets.

typedesk beautifully organizes them into categories, so you can easily find and sort them.

Sync your contents accross your whole team

What’s more annoying than agents manually typing the same response, with outdated info or typos?

As soon as you update your text templates, typedesk updates your teams so the right people deliver the right message to your customers and prospects.

No problemo!

Your market is global, so are your customers.

Create translated versions of your canned responses to keep your templates beautifully organized.

It works where you do

What you will love: all your canned responses in one app that works everywhere, the ability to have every agent answer the same way, easy updates, dead-fast response time.

Perfect for:

  • Answering customer requests on Intercom, Xeno, Zendesk etc.
  • Replying comments on the AppStore, PlayStore etc.
  • Answering emails quickly on Gmail, Yahoo etc.
  • Following-up with customers on marketplaces (Amazon Marketplace, Etsy etc)


Transfer your data.
Get 2 months free!

Are you currently using another software? Send us your canned responses, and we’ll transfer them to your new typedesk account. Plus, we’ll credit your account with 2 months of free subscription on our Expert plan!

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We use typedesk with Intercom. typedesk allows me to share our canned responses with our Sales and Support teams and keep everyone on the same page.

Alex Burlingame
Customer Success Manager, Bonfire

I've used canned responses for years. I'm finding typedesk very useful and I am already recommending it to others!

Dale Beaumont
Founder, Business Blueprint

typedesk speeds up repetitive tasks such as sending consistent client updates. We can focus on delivering value. Love it!

Jac Engels
Founder, Loeihard

I love that you've added this functionality across multiple platforms. Other products tend to just stick to Gmail integration. Great work!

Titul Decali
Founder, Spring.app

I've been using typedesk for a few months now and I'm a huge fan of it!

Vitaliy Kolos
Blog Writer, Webdesy

Very useful utility which tries where others have failed. typedesk provides a simple way to save, organize and re-use your most frequent responses (text snippets). Definitely worth a look.

Robin Good
Communication & Marketing Expert, Robin Good

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